What is a Chafe Guard?

Chaffing is a term used when a smooth surface is eroded or when the surface coating of a product gets damaged. To prevent chaffing of boats, chafe guards have been designed to help protect boats from all sorts of damage.

A chafe guard forms one of the most important dock products. It is generally built of synthetic material and steel. Synthetic materials are resistant to getting damaged by rocks, stones and stray grass that surrounds the water. Steel is also water-resistant and enables the chafe guard to offer effective security as dock products on a long term basis.

Chafe guards are a necessity when it comes to an anchor line. Anchor lines have to be strong enough to hold and make the boat stay at one particular place. If the anchor line or the rope used for the purpose of anchoring starts to get chaffed (by way of rubbing against rocks) then it could be very dangerous for the crew of the boat especially in deep waters. By installing a chafe guard, the crew of the boat and the boat owner can rest assured that the anchor line will remain strong for a very long time.

A chafe guard usually measures around 40 cm in length and can be fixed over and on anchor lines that range anywhere between 10 mm to 23 mm. There are different reputed companies that offer the facilities of a chafe guard. The price of a chafe guard starts around US $ 10 and can be installed easily on the anchor line and wherever else they are required on a boat.

Chafe guards are also used to protect mooring lines of ships in docks. This is because in docks the mooring lines could be affected by heavy winds and harsh climate. Because of the heavy winds, the boat could be shoved against the docks leading to the mooring lines to get chaffed or frayed. By installing a chafe guard on mooring lines, even if the boats crash against the docks, it can be ensured that the damage to the boat is not more. This reduces the expenses of the boat owner. As far as the dock products go, a chafe guard is a very valuable technology.

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