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On 12th of April 1912, the world saw what could easily be considered as its most deadly civilian maritime disaster – the sinking of the great Ship Titanic. Since then the question that baffled many scientists has been that how did the Titanic sink? Almost immediately after the sinking, the investigations into the matter began and in fact two separate inquiries had been set up one by the United States senate and the other by the British Board of Trade. The U.S inquiry was headed by Senator William Alden Smith and the British one by Lord Mersey. The results of the investigations revealed that many of the safety measures and regulations of the international maritime were outdated and required a second look. The ship itself was found short on few of the standards.

Though it has been mentioned in almost all the journals of the time and indeed later as well that Titanic was considered unsinkable, but at the time of its launch this wasn’t said by any of the owners or manufacturers. It was picked by the press on the 16th of April when the vice president of White Star Line, owners of Titanic, Phillip A.S. Franklin reacted by saying that he thought the ship was unsinkable and was very shocked as to how did the Titanic sink. The surviving passengers and the very crew who managed to escape from the clutches of death gave their versions of the tragedy and the investigations were concluded quickly, though the initial questioning and detail gathering took more than a few months.

Credits: Canoe1967/

Credits: Canoe1967/


The Truth

The fact is that on the fateful night of April 14th 1912, at around 11.40 PM Titanic hit an iceberg and began to sink. Over the course of the next few hours, the people witnessed the biggest catastrophe to hit the world and at 2.20 AM on the morning of the 15th, the biggest ship that the world had seen settled to the bottom of the North Atlantic. The sea, the sinking of the ship and the cold weather were enough to take the lives of 1517 passengers. Just 706 passengers survived the ordeal to tell the horrific and sad tale to the world. How did the Titanic sink in spite of having the best technological design available at the time seemed a mystery until it was solved.

Though the ship was built with the best of technological advancement at hand, there were a few chinks in it as well. The steel sheet that was used to make the body was made up of a certain kind of steel that became extra brittle in the cold and easily cracked at the slightest of the contact, in its case – icebergs and this is exactly the answer to how did the Titanic sink. The tragedy has remained one of the most intriguing aspects of the history of the world. Many writers have written about it, many researchers have worked on it and many films have also been made on it as to how did the Titanic sink.

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  1. lauren says

    I really didnt think that was what happend that night i thought that the titance just hit the iceberag and then it took an hour and a half 2sink

    i never know any of the facts i now know

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