What are Rogue Waves?

A ship when at sea faces lot of difficulties and hindrances, especially in its motion. The forces acting on the ship is what maintains the equilibrium of the ship. Storms and heavy winds are known as the factors which can affect the equilibrium of the ship. However, there is one more dangerous factor that can capsize the ship in no time – rogue waves.

Rogue waves are one of the most terrifying issues that are faced by ships since the start. Rogue waves, which are also termed as killer waves, are dangerous for all types and kinds of ships and ocean liners. Rogue waves usually occur in deep water and have a focusing affect created as a result of a number of waves joined together. Their height is twice the height of even significant waves. More than their height, it is the damage that they create is more massive.

Rogue waves are commonly known as freaky waves. The dangerous thing about these waves is that they appear without warning. Though rescue methods can be tried during the occurrence of these waves, they usually fail because at times these waves are so quick that precautionary measures fall short. However, it is to note that these waves are not the result of tsunami, earthquake or submarine.

Credits: manojmulchandani/YouTube

Credits: manojmulchandani/YouTube

Experts identify rogue waves as the ones which exceed the height of 25 m. These ways are highly potential and often catch the ships from a dangerous angle.  Maximum damage is caused if these waves get the dangerous entry, which means that these waves go deep and attack the prominent base of the ship. Researchers say that nonlinear effects are the main cause of generation of these waves. Superimposition of small waves forms a big cluster which is commonly known as rogue waves. However, very few people are aware of the exact reason for generation of these waves. For any person, rogue wave is the most dangerous thing that can happen to a ship. People who have witnessed these waves have only one word to explain and that is devastating.

Earlier, the forecasting of rogue waves was next to impossible, but the technology advancements has made some prediction possible. Satellite tracking of wave formation and motion is one thing used for forecasting rogue waves. With the successful forecast, it has been possible to bring the precautionary measures into action and which has helped in the survival of the ship and the crew. Recent models of the ships are designed in a way to create deflection for these waves. This deflection at times is efficient in handling waves to a particular height. Gulf of Mexico is one such reason which has been frequently detected with such waves.

The reason for frequent formation of these waves is still a mystery for researchers and experts. With the sophisticated monitoring and modeling, chances of fighting these waves are now becoming possible. Moreover, many theories have been given on the formation of these waves, but the most famous one is the accumulation of small waves into a large and giant wave. Environmental engineers from China believes that if a wave propagates from east to west then the current moves just the reverse causing the formation of monster waves. They refer these waves as monster waves, something close to the rogue waves.

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