Refloating of Concordia to Begin on 14th July

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The salvage team have confirmed that the Concordia refloating operation is set to go ahead starting on Monday, July 14. As was the case for parbuckling, commencement of the operation is subject to authorization from the Observatory and also depends on the weather forecast over the next few days. Therefore, final confirmation of the start of the refloating operation will not be announced until the day before it actually begins.

Revised Master’s Guide To Shipboard Disciplinary Procedures Launched


The UK Chamber has published its updated Master’s Guide to Shipboard Disciplinary Procedures. First published in 1993, the guide has proven itself to be a vital tool for Masters and Officers when interpreting the Code of Conduct for the Merchant Navy. The new edition brings the guidelines up to date with recent developments and is a must-have reference point for ships’ bridges across the world.

Will The Complexity of The Systems Aboard Ships Defeat The Humans?


As the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) reviews its work programme it is significant the member societies will be paying some attention to what has become known as “complex on board systems”. Increasingly, ships are becoming dependent on these complex systems, which are now permeating every department, with a good deal of interlinking and integration and very often involving significant safety impacts.

New Study Shows Nigerian Piracy ‘A Major Threat’ To Seafarers

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The UK economy is heavily exposed to lawlessness off the coast of Nigeria, a new report published on 10th July, by the UK Chamber of Shipping says. The report found that almost all of the UK’s annual £6.3bn of trade with the region is put at risk by being moved through the high maritime crime region of the Gulf of Guinea, including 12% of the UK’s oil.