Watch: FPSO Petrojarl Knarr – Teekay’s Largest Project


Petrojarl Knarr is one of Teekay’s largest FPSO projects to date with a production capacity of 63,000 barrels of oil per day. Its internal turret allows the vessel to freely rotate 360 degrees and ensures it’s always facing the rough weather present in the North Sea. In 2011, Teekay Corporation announced an agreement to provide […]

A Small Reduction In Fuel Consumption Has A Large Value


It is costly to sail 14,183 Nm from Pusan in South Korea to Curacao in the Caribbean Sea and the bill is paid by our customers and the environment. 5,206 Mt of fuel is used during the voyage, which means an expenditure of USD 4.7 million for the customer and 16,346 Mt of CO2 emitted to the atmosphere affecting the environment.