Crude Oil And Bunker Prices Are Plummeting, But Will Ocean Carriers Abandon Slow-steaming?

slow steaming

Forecasting oil prices is even more difficult than predicting container freight rates or carrier profits, which is why Drewry leaves that arduous task to other experts. While we cannot confidently say which way bunker prices are headed, we can be confident in saying that no matter how low they go, carriers will not return to sailing containerships at their design speeds for fear of flooding the market with the latent capacity that has been held in check by slow steaming.

New Report Finds Rising Fraud On The High Seas


In the first industry research report to document intentional data manipulation at sea, specialized data and analytics company, Windward, has found that ships worldwide are increasingly manipulating data to conceal their identity, location and destination, undermining the ability to track their activities.

IMO’s Environment Committee Addresses Implementation Issues As Ballast Water Management Treaty Nears Entry Into Force

Ballast water sampling

Measures to assist in accelerating the entry into force and implementation of the key international convention designed to eradicate the global spread of harmful organisms in ships’ ballast water were adopted by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC), of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), when it met for its 67th session (13 to 17 October 2014).