Video: Effects of Rolling & Pitching Inside a Cruise Ship

Cruise liner Pacific Sun had ran into a terrible storm last year on August 1st almost 400 miles north of New Zealand. The video shows consequences of intense rolling and pitching inside the cruise ship when the storm struck the luxury liner.

It’s clearly visible from the video that people inside the cruise ship were totally unprepared for the storm.

At least 42 people were injured with broken ribs & limbs, fractured pelvis, broken collar bone, and cuts and gashes. The ship was carrying 1732 passengers and 671 crew members.

The video might seem funny to watch; however, it shows how helpless one becomes under the forces of nature, in spite of being on one of the most finest and luxurious ships in the world.

Watch the video:

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Have you ever experience such intense rolling and pitching? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. times like this you should fix all the moving object to secure, especially for the passenger ships. safety first ! you can`t tell what will happen tomorrow or today in heavy seas.

  2. Yes,
    I have experienced very much worse in north atlantic.
    I spent 6 years in cod fishing trawlers in Newfoundaland, Labrador, and Greenland banks.
    What makes me inrigued is why the captain did not turn the ship facing the wheather, facing the waves, to minimze the rolling. What I also see is that these ships are not prepared to face storms, the furniture is not fixed to the floor and is the most danger thing to the persons inside. Also, these ships have all technologic means to detect storms, and normaly they run away to protect the clientes confort. The rolling was bad, because the ship was giving its side to the waves which means that it was sailing anyway, perhaps it had a schedule to be performed no matter the weather. Bad…very bad.Captain must preserve passengers and the ship as well. Although they are big, cruise ships seems to be not very well prepared to face strong storms . One day a tragedy may happen, some captains have not many experience in particular rough seas. The sea in fury “plays” with everything known, no matter the size. Many times the bigger, the worst..

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