Top 7 Boat and Ship Launch Failure Videos

The launching of ships is a prestigious event by itself. It represents success as the efforts of the ship designer, ship builder, owner and operator is finally visualized at its best. However not all boat and ship launch ceremonies are successes, and many a times these events turn into unexpectedly massive ship launch failure. Though such a ship launch failure results in the loss of both financial and engineering investment, watching videos of such surprising ship accidents are both funny and scary for the viewers.

Mentioned as under are 10 such boat and ship launch fail videos, with each video boasting of a tale of its own:

1. Cargo Ship Launch Failure: As this vessel comes out of the yard, everything seems to be going just fine for it. But then suddenly, in the presence of its proud creators and designers, the vessel starts to tilt to its starboard side as smoothly as it took to the waters from the shipping yard. What can be the reason for such ship launch failure? Any guess?

2. Cruise Ship Launch FailureThe makers of this Chinese vessel must have been hugely embarrassed before the various gathered guests at the launching ceremony. The vessel’s position is precarious, submerged into the water at its stern while people try to push it at the bow to help balance its weight, so as to enable the vessel regain purchase to float on the water. The ship directly went inside water. We wonder what went wrong for such ship launching disaster.

3. Equipment Failure: Not all boat or ship launches can be blamed on the ship’s construction. Sometimes, it’s the equipment that aids in the vessel’s launch that fails completely. Just as in this video. The equipment (crane) that is aiding the boat to be launched into the waters collapses entirely resulting the boat to capsize in the water.

4. Winch Failure: Firstly it’s hard to figure out if they are launching the boat or trying to put it on ship’s deck. However, the boat tethered to the winch cable holding it seems stable enough at first. But within a blink of an eye, the winches seem to lose their hold on the boat which gets dropped-off into the water quite unceremoniously.

5. Harness Failure: Another boat launch failure disaster. This boat seems to be quite well-harnessed as it is prepared to be launched. But the boat suddenly slips out the harness’s confines, falling into the water as the boat launching fail catches everyone by surprise.

6. Crane Truck Deflection: The launching pad for this vessel is atop a small plateau overlooking the water. Aided by a crane truck instead of tug-boats and barges, the launching seems to be well coordinated until a few meters remain for the vessel to touch the water’s surface. It is then that the crane truck completely twists, unable to take the weight of the vessel thus causing the boat to drop and overturn into the water. The most scariest thing is that people are standing on the boat while it is being launched in the water!

7. Two Cranes- One Ship: This is a ugly scene wherein two ships are trying to launch one ship. Unfortunately one of the cranes loses balance, which leads to crashing of the ship right into the water. A dangerous ship launch failure.

Do you know any other major ship launch failure or boat launch disaster videos? Let us know.

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