10 Best Ship Pilot Embarking/Disembarking Videos

Ship pilots are inevitable for safe navigation of ships to and from ports. They perform one of the most important jobs of assisting ships through confined and dangerous waterways.

Though their jobs might seem a bit glamorous one, they carry-out some of the most dangerous procedures, especially while embarking and disembarking a vessel through a helicopter.

Helicopters are used for transporting marine pilots to and from ships, especially during rough weather, when pilots boats cannot be used due to safety issues.

Without doubt seafarers (or ship passengers) one of those lucky ones who get the unique opportunity to watch the cool act of ship pilots embarking or disembarking a ship from a helicopter.

Listed in this article are ten amazing videos of pilot embarking and disembarking ships using helicopters.

1. Emma Maersk outbound from Bremerhaven – Pilot disembarking by helicopter

Video By: Uffe Juul Andersen

2. Ship Pilot Boarding Near Durban

Video By: tassos keoax

3. Pilot for Port of Durban winched down from a helicopter

Video By: Tobias Titley

4. Pilot disembarking by helicopter near Port of Durban

5. Ship Pilot Leaving

Video By: cmcdowall

Video By: Woddoy

6. Pilot on MSC Melody Cruise Ship

Video By: Neil White

7.  Pilot winched off the ship by helicopter. Ship sailing up the River Seine on the MV Discovery.

Video By: jonathanwallace

8. Astoria, Oregon, USA — Ship’s pilot pick-up in the Columbia River

Video By: Kanal von feldkirch01

9. Pilot boarding with helicopter in Amsterdam/IJmuiden.

Video By: Creativewax

10. Le Havre harbour pilots winched down to deck of oil tanker from a Dauphin AS 365 N3 Helicopter built by Eurocopter.

Video By: James Lyne

Disclaimer: We do not hold rights to any of the videos listed above. Due credits have been given to respective uploader on youtube.

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