What is a Whaler?

A whaler is a ship that is used mainly for the purpose of catching whales and then processing the required parts into appropriately useful commodities. Whalers have been a part of the shipping industry since Before Christ (B.C.) era.

Over the years, the application of the whaler system developed into a more business-minded program, leading to great amount of development and revolution in boats and ships used for whaling.

The whaler system operates in such a way that there is a whaler boat that actually catches the whales. This boat then gets the captured whale to the whaler where the mammal is dissected appropriately for its valuable oil and skin.

Whale ship Nissin Maru
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One of the oldest types of whaler boat was designed to be open-ended, narrow and sharpened at both sides. These features ensured that the boat moved perfectly in both, the forward and the backward direction.

Since the overuse of whalers led to the fast decline of the whale habitat, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) banned the use of whalers in the year 1986. But since then, some nations across the world have started using whalers again to hunt for whales stating reasons that the temporary ban resulted in the whale population thriving again. This has been a huge cause of debate among organisations that support the ban and nations that depend on whaling extensively.Some of the nations where whaler boats are used majorly are Canada, US, Russia and Norway.

For a whaler to function properly and efficiently, it is important that the whaler parts function normally. Boston Whaler is a well-known supplier that supplies parts and other required equipments for whalers to carry out their duties effectively.

Whether they are good or bad, whaler boats have a definite purpose and objective. In the years to come, they might be completely banned but in the present times, they provide a source of important livelihood for many families across the world.

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