The Benchijigua Express – Is this the Largest Trimaran Ferry?

Having three hulls instead of the conventional two, the Benchijigua Express is a ferrying vessel that operates between Los Cristianos in Tenerife and La Palma and La Gomera in the Spanish Canary Islands.

Built by the Australian Shipbuilding conglomerate Austal for the Spanish ferry company Fred Olsen, the ferry was put into operation in the year 2005. The triple hulled vessel, also referred to as a trimaran technically, is the biggest vessel of its kind built by the shipbuilding conglomerate.

The vessel specifications can be detailed as follows:

  • The Benchijigua is known for its speediness, offering a maximum speed of over 38 knots
  • The vessel measures nearly 127 metres lengthwise, 30.4 metres beam wise with a depth of about 8.2 metres and a draught of four metres. The deadweight tonnage of the ferry is around 1,141 tonnes
  • Benchijigua has a voyager carrying capacity of nearly 1,300 people and is also equipped to carry vehicles. Having four vehicular pathways, the ferry can accommodate around 123 cars with a 450 metre passageway for trucks. Alternatively, the ferry can accommodate nearly 350 cars singularly

Built of aluminium with a finishing of a particular vinyl, the Benchijigua was commissioned specifically to provide speed along with comfortability. The ferry is graded by the certifying authority Germanischer Lloyd as being a speedy cruise ferry with a Ro-Ro capacitance.

In order to adjust the balance of the vessel’s hull on account of the huge weight intake, the vessel’s ballast tankers have been designed to ensure absolute steadiness while the vessel has been loaded fully.

The equipments fitted in the vessel include state-of-the-art radar systems, a DGPS receiver set, alarm and monitoring systems, recording systems for the navigations undertaken and systems to ensure effective night-sight.

The Benchijigua Express forms an important part in the six-vessel fleet of the Fred Olsen cruise company which furthers the name and the reputation of the cruise company.

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Image Credits: matsu ,  statics.atcloud

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