Anchor Handling Tug Supply Ship (ATHS) – The Siem Amethyst

As an ATHS – Anchor Handling Tug Supply ship – the Siem Amethyst provides an invaluable contribution to the maritime industry in its operations at the high seas.

Put into operation in the year 2011, but commissioned as early as in the year 2007, the Amethyst bears the unique recognition of the world renowned Norwegian ship building yard Kleven Verft along with utilising state-of-the-art technical equipments and gadgetries of several well-known technical systems’ innovators and pioneers.

Siem Amethyst can be utilised to execute myriad maritime functionalities right from schlepping to overseeing various structural operations, to managing the ground tackle systems in the high seas.

As with her nine predecessors, even Siem Amethyst effectively reconciles the usage of state-of-the-art technological systems with the preservation of the precarious marine environmental system.

Technical Specifications

  • The vessel has a length of 91 metres with a breadth of 22 metres and a draft of almost eight metres
  • The vessel is capable of generating speeds touching almost 20 knots and is equipped with DPS (Dynamic Positioning System)
  • With an ample deck area to ensure the sustenance of its regular functionalities, the Amethyst can house a 60-member crew


  • Siem Amethyst is fuelled by a singular crossbreeding combining electric and mechanic fuel systems with diesel.
  • Such a unique concept has successfully been proven to reduce the consumption of fuel whilst enhancing the performance of the ship overall.
  • Amethyst is equipped with three crane systems –
  1. one capable of hoisting a maximum  weight of 42 tonnes
  2. one with a hoisting capacitance of 10 tonnes
  3. a crane system located on the vessel’s deck with a hoisting capacitance of three tonnes
  • The ATHS also comes equipped with five windlasses – with a maximum lifting capacitance of 500 tonnes and also boasts of equally powerful bitts’ drag.

Siem Amethyst’s sleek designing, a vessel construction groundbreaker in many ways, has widened its operational boundaries. This is perhaps the biggest functional potential offered by the vessel, whose operational successes have managed to reach exceptional heights.

Reference: siemoffshore

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