Launching New eBook – A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations

As seafarers, we tend to avoid dry docking operations of ships for several reasons. Many are even intimated by the complexity and tediousness of the task.

In spite of being a great learning experience, seafarers are a bit repulsive to dry docks because: dry-dock-engine-dept-copy

  • It’s a complicated task
  • Mentally and physically stressful
  • Loads of work with limited resting hours
  • Several checks and maintenance works carried out
  • Frequent visits of surveyors, superintendents and shore technicians
  • Hazardous working environment and lack of personal safety

And the list goes on…

Considering all the issues faced by seafarers in a dry dock, we are introducing a new resource to provide solutions to some of the common problems related to dry docking procedures.

Marine Insight is proud to launch the new ebook – A Guide to Master Dry Dock Operations for Engine Room Department to help mariners know and understand the dry docking procedures in the ship’s engine room, by providing them a step-by-step and to-the-point guide which will explain different types of jobs carried out in the ship engine room and ways to approach them.


Learn about pre-planning, preparation, docking, undocking, and sea trials of ships in dry dock.

Click here to know more about the eBook.  

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