Watch: Ship Arrives In Russian Port With Dozens Of Frozen Cars

Dozens of vehicles have arrived at a Russian port caked in many inches of ice owing to the extreme weather. Unusually windy and cold weather conditions plated the Hondas and Toyotas with a thick layer of frozen seawater when these reached Vladivostok on the Sun Rio RoRo carrier.

At -2F in Russia’s Pacific capital, the ice-caked vehicles were hoisted off the deck using a crane on Tuesday. Reports showed that some had been clad in ice up to six inches.

Second-hand Japanese vehicles are quite popular in Russia’s market, even if they mean ‘wrong-side drive’. Ship icing results due to humid sea wind coupled with sub-zero air temperatures. The result can be an increase in the draft, heeling and heightening the chances of a ship overturning.

RoRo with frozen cars
Image Credits: newsvlru – YouTube

Pyotr Osichansky, a 72-year-old sea captain, said that it is December, and the sea is windy and rough. Crowds of individuals were an eye witness to the cars getting lifted from the Panama-registered vessel.

An onlooker remarked that the cars were so badly caked in ice that it was hard to guess the kind of vehicle it was. A video being circulated online shows how the vehicles on the deck of the ship are fully covered by a thick ice sheet.

Auto companies all over the world use various modes of transportation to deliver cars or other types of automobiles to different countries or regions. Sea routes are among the widely popular modes, especially when transporting vehicles to international locations. This way, auto companies are able to transport large shipments at a significantly lower cost.

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Video Credits: newsvlru – YouTube

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