Watch: One Of World’s Longest Cruise Ships Crashes Into Jamaican Pier

The world’s longest cruise liner has reportedly crashed in the Caribbean as it was coming to the dock. In Falmouth, Jamaica, the Harmony of the Seas reportedly smashed into the jetty.

Guests were heard screaming as the extended dock’s concrete scraped along the liner’s stern. The collision caused nothing more than cosmetic damages to the vessel, including some dents and paint scrapes, per reports from Royal Caribbean Blog.

The accident took place last Thursday, May 26, around 7 am, as the ship was trying to back into the assigned spot to dock. There were no injuries to crew members and guests and only minor cosmetic damages to the stern. Royal Caribbean mentioned that sailing will continue following the schedule.

royal Caribbean ship
Image Credits: Jason Johnson – YouTube

The Royal Caribbean ship had set off on a seven-day cruise from Florida’s Port Canaveral. Cruise ships are typically tied next to the dock. However, the Harmony of the Seas came to the dock at a slightly odd angle.

It was supposed to depart from Port Canaveral, Florida, on 22 May, before visiting Nassau, which is the capital city of The Bahamas, on Monday, and CocoCay, a private island destination on Tuesday.

The ship was set to reach Labadee Haiti on 27 May, before heading to Flordia after two days. The cruise takes passengers on seven-day round trips to the Caribbean. Their cheapest room starts at about £495 for a departure date of 28 August.

The liner is about 1,188ft long — whereas the Eiffel Tower is 984ft — and weighs 226,963 gross tonnes. It cost £1billion to build. The vessel boasts 17 decks, 23 swimming pools, a theatre with 1,400 seats, and more than 2,700 rooms for accommodating about 6,410 guests.

The largest cruise liner in the world by gross tonnage is the Wonder of the Seas, at 236,857 tonnes, about 10,000 more than Harmony.

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