2000-Year-Old Roman Wooden Vessel Found In The Sea Off Sukošan

Archaeologists from Zadar have found a Roman wooden vessel that is over 2,000 years old in the sea off Sukošan, at a depth of approximately two meters, the director of the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology (based in Zafar), Mladen Pešić, confirmed to Hina this week.

The ancient port of Barbir that lies close to Sukošan was discovered in 1973, and for a pretty long time, it was documented on the surface by archaeologist Boris Ilakovac. In 2017, new and more serious research was conducted in that area, parallel to the research on a Roman villa that lies on the mainland that was heavily damaged owing to modern construction.

Luckily, a part of the site under the sea is preserved well, mentioned Pešić, the head of this extensive research work.

Old Roman Boat
Image for representation purposes only.

The boat measures about three meters in width. It is reportedly covered in sand, and until now, nine meters of the entire length have been successfully uncovered.

Besides the outer parts that shipworms have impaired, the remaining boat is in excellent condition, a courtesy that the wood was preserved in the sand for about two millennia, the head of research mentioned.

The thorough undersea research has been progressing for the past six years now.

During this time, the International Centre for Underwater Archaeology was collaborating with the German Archaeological Institute and other partners, including the University of Zadar, the Museum of Archaeology, and the University of Oxford.

References: Heritage Daily, Croatia Week

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