How Perishable Food Products are Transported Using Reefer Ship?

A reefer ship is a type of ship that is used for the purpose of carrying refrigerated cargo. Reefer ships are mainly used to transport spoilable goods. In today’s times refrigerated carriers play a very vital role in transporting food products that are necessary for daily use but face the threat of perishing very fast. Through refrigerated shipping, this situation can be avoided and the refrigerated cargo can reach the intended destination without any loss or decay.

Foodstuffs that are generally transported with the help of such ships are food grains, fruits, fish, milk products and meat. The main reason why these types of ships came into existence was because some countries were not equipped to produce and process these products. On the other hand, some countries had an excess of such products, making it easy and feasible to use such refrigerated carriers to supply and export them wherever required.

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Types of Refer Ships

Over the years, the concept of reefer ship has evolved. Today there are three different types of vessels used for the purpose of refrigerated shipping. These three variations in the reefer vessels can be explained as follows:

  • There are ships that are used as multi-purpose vessels. In such ships, the refrigerated part is below the areas reserved for passengers.
  • There are refrigerator ships that use the concept of refrigerated containers. Refrigerated containers are huge rectangular containers that are used solely for the purpose of cargo transportation.
  • There are ships that use specific ramps to load and haul the refrigerated cargo. These ships are the most common ones that are used in today’s times.

Additional Information

The concept of refrigerated cargo was first used to ship bananas but, as mentioned above, it has developed to ship other perishable foodstuffs too. It has to be noted that in some countries such refrigerated carriers form a very integral part of the nation’s economy. One of the most famous refrigerator ships is the Baltic Start. As the name suggests, the ship is a part of the Baltic region of Europe. A reefer ship would be of immense help to Middle-Eastern countries where the infrastructure for foodstuffs like fruits is limited from local sources.


The power or electricity to ensure continuous stability of the cold conditions in such ships is aided with the help of electricity supply attached to the main power supply of the ship. Additionally, compressors for refrigeration systems are also fitted to maintain the coolness of such refrigerated containers.

Another major aspect involved with such ships is the fact that water coolers are used to keep the temperature steady in case the cargo is stored in the interior of the ship. The presence of the cool air acts a regulator to the temperature in case the cargo is stored and kept in the deck-side of the ships.

A reefer ship is a utility ship with a difference. These refrigerated carriers are well-known in the shipping industry. Through refrigerated shipping, the problem of distributing foodstuffs to the needy and required is solved. Refrigerated cargo ensures that necessary food is given to the required – even if the process is slow and delayed.

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