Top 10 Beautiful Lighthouses in the World

A lighthouse, as the name suggests, sheds light and is used to guide ships and boats to safe harbour during night time. Lighthouses also help seamen navigate through rocky and shallow water parts which could prove dangerous to the ship and the shipmen’s safety.

There are many lighthouses that have been constructed and built across the world. One of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World was the lighthouse built in Alexandria, Egypt. There are several beautiful lighthouses around the world if one were to see the lighthouse pictures from the pages of maritime history.

We have brought to you 10 of the best looking lighthouses that are present around the world. Kindly note that by no means we mean that the light houses not mentioned in this list are not beautiful. These are just the lighthouse designs we like.

Torre de Hercules, Spain: The lighthouse is also known as the Tower of Hercules. In 2009, this lighthouse became a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a National Monument of Spain. It is supposed to have been present right from the second century.

Torre de Hercules
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The lighthouse stands at 187 feet. The Torre de Hercules is a modern name for the lighthouse as until 20th century it was known as the Farum Brigantium

Yokohama Marine Tower: The Yokohama Marine Tower is known for the two different light flashes emanating from the light tower. The light is flashed every 20 seconds in green and red as alternating colours.

Yokohama Marine Tower
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The lighthouse is located at Yokohama and was used for the first time in the year 1961. The lighthouse design is unique and according to a few, the marine tower is the tallest lighthouse in the world – at 106 metres

Pigeon Point Lighthouse: Also known as the Pigeon Point Light Station, the lighthouse has been in use since 1861 and is the tallest lighthouse in the Western coast of United States. The lighthouse pictures of the Pigeon Point lighthouse depict a very quaint and serene building. It was built to help ships find their way to the Californian Pacific coast

Low Lighthouse: Also known very popularly as the Burnham-on-Sea lighthouse, the low lighthouse is located in Somerset, England. The lighthouse is built of wood and at its base are wooden legs or pillars. The height of the low lighthouse is 36 feet and it was built in the year 1832. At present, the lighthouse is classified under the Listed Building list (Grade II)

Knarrarós lighthouse: Located in Iceland, this lighthouse was built between 1938 and 1939 by the then state architect of Iceland Guðjón Samúelsson. The uniqueness of the lighthouse design is that it was the first lighthouse of Iceland to use concrete as a construction material. The lighthouse pictures display a structure that appears to have a vertical black stripe on each of the four sides of the lighthouse. This is another unique feature of the architectural designing of the lighthouse

Promthep cape lighthouse: This lighthouse was built in the year 1996 to commemorate the rule of the Thai king Bhumibol Adulyadej. The uniqueness of the lighthouse design is that the lighthouse’s crown is topped with gold. The lighthouse is located to the South of Phuket

Kopu Lighthouse: The lighthouse is located in the European country of Estonia. It was built in the year 16th century (1531) and from then on has been used without any stoppages. This feature makes the Kopu lighthouse the oldest lighthouse to be still used in the present-era

Middle Bay Lighthouse: This lighthouse is also known as the middle bay light or the mobile bay lighthouse. Located in Alabama, the lighthouse design is unique because it is of a screw-pile lighthouse variety.

Middle Bay Lighthouse
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Screw-piles are those types of lighthouses whose support is screwed or fixed to the lowest part of the water or any other area where the lighthouse might be located. The Middle Bay lighthouse was first used in the year 1885 and in the year 1974, its name was added to the list of National Register of Historic Places

Madang Lighthouse: The Madang lighthouse is located in Papua New Guinea. It was built in the year 1959 as a memorial for the coastwatchers (intelligence personnel deployed at the far removed Pacific islands) during WWII. The lighthouse design is singular because it looks like a rocket standing erect on the ground from afar

Kiz Kulesi: This lighthouse is also known as the Maiden’s Tower or the Tower of Leandros (in ancient times) and is located in Turkey.  It was built in 408BC and periodically has undergone a lot of restructuring work, the most recent one being in the year 1998. Today the lighthouse is used as a recreational place with restaurants and coffee shops built inside the lighthouse tower

Through lighthouse pictures, one can see the originality of design in each of the many lighthouses that are found in the world. But in order to experience what a lighthouse actually means, one has to make a trip to a place where a lighthouse is located. Only then one can understand the relevance and the necessity of having lighthouses along with the beauty that they display.

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