Best Movies On the Sea and Shipping

The silver screen has always been inspired by the sea. Whether it is action or romance or even comedy, it has been very easy to project the world of a seaman and life on ship in all the genres of film making. It has a sense of mystery and romanticism which makes it a favorite with film makers around the globe.

So it comes as no surprise that Google comes out with a comprehensive list of movies related to the sea life. And although it is literally impossible to talk about all the movies related to the sea life ever made, some of them have left a lasting impression and hence the reason for being on this list. Here is the list of movies inspired by the deep blue waters that I believe should be with every seaman.


You cannot talk about the seas and ships without mentioning the hugely popular movie that broke all the records. Titanic was based on the maiden voyage of the ill-fated passenger liner by the same name, which sank into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Though the real life incident was gruesome and dark, James Cameron made the movie with romance as the main theme, which eventually struck a chord with the movie goers making it the highest grosser of all times.

 Crimson Tide

A true edge of the seat action movie, Crimson Tide features two of the finest actors of the US movie industry; Gene Hackman & Denzel Washington. Filled with beautiful performances from both the actors and some powerfully engaging scenes, Crimson Tide was a major hit with the audiences. The movie successfully projects the clash of ideologies of the top ranking officers onboard and how the feud between them almost starts a nuclear war.

Master and Commander

One of Russell Crowe’s finest performances, Master and Commander takes us back to the time of Napoleonic Wars. It traces the journey of a British captain of HMS Surprise who is commanded to pursue a French ship Acheron, which happens to be bigger and better equipped than Surprise. The will of the Captain to capture the massive vessel puts him at logger-heads with the crew. How he overcomes the internal and external obstacles to reach the mighty goal is what the whole movie is about.

Pirates of the Caribbean 

A 4 series movie, Pirates is an all-out entertainer, which captures a more magical and mysterious side of the sea in a very light and humorous way.  Johnny Depp steals the spotlight with his exceptional portrayal of Jack Sparrow, a selfish-narcissistic captain of the Black Pearl. The first three parts of the series capture the extraordinary adventures of the crazy captain around the darker side of the seas. Gripping story and beautiful special effects makes this movie a hit with both the younger and the older audiences.

The Perfect Storm

The movie tells the story of the brave crew of Andrea Gail, which is headed by Captain Billy Tyne, played by George Clooney. It follows the boat’s unfortunate journey in the Flemish Cap, Atlantic Ocean, which turns into a nightmare. After a dismal catch at the sea, Captain Billy persuades the crew of Andrea Gail for one more fishing adventure, despite a dangerous weather. As fate would have it the weather turns ugly forcing the captain to call in a Mayday but eventually meets a deadly end.

The Poseidon Adventure 

The story of SS Poseidon, which is on its final voyage before going to a scrapyard, was way ahead of its times back in 1972. But the risk paid off and Poseidon Adventure went on to become one of the very successful sea-inspired movies. The movie involves the capsizing of the luxury liner which is on its way to get dismantled. Gene Hackman plays Reverend Scott, who helps fellow passengers to reach the hull of the ship.


Another underwater winner from James Cameron, The Abyss is the story of a nuclear submarine which encounters massive electrical and hydraulic malfunctions and asks the nearby oilrig crew to help them ascertain the cause of the malfunctioning. It’s only after starting the journey to find the reasons behind such incidents that they realize that they have alien presence amongst them, which is probably the reason behind everything.


Set against the World War ll backdrop, U-571 is the story of American submariners who board the German U-boat in order to obtain the secret Enigma Cipher Machine. So they masquerade as Nazis and take over the U-boat. They are successful in capturing the Enigma Machine, but are hit by a German torpedo, and that is where their troubles begin.



Waterworld is a unique story of the future where the polar icecaps have melted, and have caused majority of Earth to come under water. The movie follows the struggle of a mariner who is striving to fight starvation and rebels. In his journey to survive he helps a woman and a young girl to find dry land.

Do you think we missed any important movie? If yes, please let us know.

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