10 Amazing Recycled Ship Houses

Recycling is the need of the hour. Recycled papers, recycled carry bags; name anything – it’s out there recycled. But amidst these mundane recycled objects, there exists a novel concept of recycled ship houses. In simple terms, these are ships/boats which are recycled into houses for the purpose of being residentially exclusive.

We have already talked about recycled shipping containers converted into houses, but detailed below are 10 amazing ships converted into houses, which are as unique and singular as they can get.

1. Benson Ford Vessel: Located in Ohio, the Benson Ford vessel was built as a personal cruise vessel by the legendary Henry Ford.

Benson Ford Vessel

The vessel plied in the waters of the Great Lakes in the US before it was transformed into a boat house in the year 1986. At present, the ship house is owned by Bryan Kasper.

2. Dixie Adventure Vessel:  Located in the city of Dixie in the South-eastern state of Florida, the adventure vessel was transformed into a ship house when a friendly opinion was raised about its potential conversion.

Dixie Adventure Vessel

From the time it was originally converted, the ownership has been passed around to many people. Yet according to passersby and the present owners themselves, ship house’s allure has not even slightly diminished.

3. The Boat House:  Located in the famous Long Beach in Vancouver, Canada, the Boat House is the name of the recycled ship of one of the famous seafarer of the area – Mr. Rod Palm.

The Boat House

It’s quite a landmark in the area of Tofino where it is situated.

4. Captain’s Lodge: Named in Portuguese as Pousada do Capitao, this ship house is situated in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro.

Captain’s Lodge

As its name suggests the Pousada functions as a hotel or a lodge and quite a popular one at that.

5. Gifford Hovercraft Home: Custom-built as a hovercraft, the Hovercraft Home is situated in Gifford in Florida.

Gifford Hovercraft Home

The project’s visualisation was such that it took Dennis Schaller, who is the owner-cum-engineer, two decades to finish his vision. The Home measures over 50-feet lengthwise and was started to be built in the year 1989.

6. Santa Catalina Island Residence: The Santa Catalina recycled ship basically comprises of a boat home built of two vessels.

Santa Catalina Island Residence

A stately white in colour, the Island home is quite splendid to look at. Because wood has been extensively used as a raw material to build the home, it adds to the quaintness of the residential property.

7. Lake Huron Ship House: With a name bearing reference to the topic at hand, the Ship House overlooks the Huron Lake in the state of Michigan.

Lake Huron Ship House

At the first glance, the boat house looks like the perfect welcome gateway at Point Lookout, where it is located.

8. SS Encinitas and SS Moonlight: SS Encinitas and Moonlight are two singular ship homes.

SS Encinitas and SS Moonlight

They are not conventionally recycled ship houses but their builder, because of an innate love for ships, drew inspiration from them and used real ships’ wood to construct these beauties, located in California.

 9. Borovoy Boat House: The Russian contribution to this compilation, the Borovoy Boat House measures nearly 30 feet in height with a length of 45 feet.

Borovoy Boat House

The builder has constructed this marvel without using a single designing framework. According to the builder, he had a dream about the construction of this Boat House and was accordingly able to bring it to reality.

 10. Holy Island of Lindisfarne Boating Sheds: In the United Kingdom, seamen have conceived a unique place to store their boating supplies and gadgets.

Holy Island of Lindisfarne Boating Sheds

They recycle their inoperable boats into boating sheds after carrying out a few dismantling operations. This methodology is faster, easier and far more feasible than constructing a new boating shed altogether.

 Through recycling the ecosystem is preserved. It is perhaps a cliché to talk repeatedly about the precariousness of the maritime environment. However looking at these novel constructions, it can be said that a recycled ship house is the best way to promote the importance of taking care of the marine environment, while trying to come up with distinguishing architectural concepts.

References & Image Credits: 1800recycling

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  1. #7 is actually not a recycled ship but a stick built home using blueprints made to resemble a ship. I know because my parents own it. It was build in 1932 and was named the S.S. Hurona.

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