The Importance of Marine Insurance Brokers

It is a known fact that taking a marine insurance policy is a very important aspect that needs to be covered in the marine industry. This is why the presence of marine insurance brokers is a very relevant factor when it comes to marine insurance.

Marine insurance is a very wide and encompassing field. There are many details that need to be covered and many sub-points that need to be duly noted. Marine insurance brokers are the best possible guides to explain the various points and details involved in a prospective marine insurance policy along with the numerous marine insurance policies and thus help the ship owners to come to the best possible decision.

There are several companies that provide marine insurance. Marine Insurance brokers are agents or representatives of such companies. Marine insurance brokers are also known as enforcers of insurance management. Such marine insurance brokers and the company offering marine insurance policy services are also required to completely understand the rules and regulations specified in the Marine Insurance Act of 1906.


There are several companies that offer marine insurance services across the world. Prominent amongst these are International Energy Insurance Brokers, Inc. established in the year 1998. This insurance company provides both energy as well as marine insurance. Another famous marine insurance company is the Tokio Marine and Nichido Fire Insurance Co. which is based, as the name suggests in the Japanese capital. This company was initially known as Millea Group till 2008. Both these companies are quite well-known across the world and have established their name because of their trustworthiness and reliability.

Reliability is a major factor that ship owners and shipping companies need to pay attention to. When a ship is about to be insured, the first thing that is considered when a marine insurance policy is about be taken, is whether the ship is a passenger ship or a cargo ship. Based on this difference, the most appropriate marine insurance policy is taken. If marine insurance brokers oversee any such details then the insurance policy will not be able to compensate the claim amount in case the ship capsizes leading to a loss for the ship owner – even after the premium might have been paid diligently. This is why marine insurance brokers have to be very careful and concentrate more on the client than on their brokerage or commission.

Marine insurance brokers are as vital to the shipping industry and ship owners as life insurance brokers are to other common men. This is why the profession is a very sought-after profession and something that allures people in case they are looking at something out-of-the-box to establish themselves professionally.

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