The Baltic Sea Mystery of the Strange UFO Object

Unearthed by a group of sub-water explorers in 2011, a 60-meter-wide unique entity with a vast disc, twice the size of a football field, rests deep under the freezing waters of the Gulf of Botnia in the Baltic Sea region.

This Baltic sea anomaly is an unprecedented finding. The aura of mystery surrounding its background has popularly led to it being referred to as the Baltic Sea Mystery and the Baltic Sea Mystery Object.

It lies in the waters between Sweden and Finland and looks like a mushroom, rising 3-4 meters or 10-13 feet from the seabed. The main object seems to have straight edges, construction lines and boxes drawn. The huge mushroom-like top of the object also has cracks filled with an unidentified black material. Many have called it the giant stone, portal to the other world, underwater Stonehenge, or strange stone circle formations made by some past civilisation.

The mystery surrounding the entity, though, is not because of a lack of knowledge of its sizing and shape but because of the explorers’ and other scientists’ inability to categorise the reason for it to be at the bottom of the sea. Submerged at a depth of about 91 metres under the Gulf’s waters, the entity is roundish with a circumference of about 18 metres.

baltic mystery

This unique shape and its inexplicably tall height of at least 13 metres have given way to scientific claims that the entity is an Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). Such assertions led the disc-shaped object and the geography to be tagged as the ‘UFO Baltic Sea.’

These claims about the Baltic Sea Mystery were further reinforced when pavement-like platforms were found extending from the entity to a distance of about 300 metres. Another factor supporting the UFO claims in the Baltic Sea Region was the lack of viability of the explorers’ electrical equipment, like sonar instruments and satellite phones, while close to the unidentified entity.

From Above, the circle-shaped object looks like the Star Wars Fame Millennium Falcon.

Although there have been many theories by scientists, geologists and experts claiming that the object could be a link in human evolution, or the base of a U-Boat or a nazi ship that drowned during the cold war, a glacier or a glacial deposit dating to the ice age, that appeared as a consequence of the glacial thawing processes or the postglacial processes, however, none of these theories can explain why electric equipment seem to malfunction near it. According to the researchers, all electronic equipment stops near the unidentified object.

All the institutes that conducted research operations, be it the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution or the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and researchers from Arizona State University, claimed the same.

Interestingly some researchers claim that the object is not made of metal. Hence it could not be proof of extra-terrestrial contact. There are a lot of theories surrounding it. Many hypotheses call it a result of volcanic activity on the baltic seabed. Others also think it might be a volcano, an asteroid or a meteorite which fell on the sea floor thousands of years ago.

An associate professor of geology at Stockholm University found a black material on the sunken flying saucer. He thought it could be a black volcanic rock carried to the ocean floor by glaciers since the whole northern baltic region was prone to thawing.

However, many believe it to be an alien spacecraft or a spaceship. Ufo believers have popularised the theories of sunken UFOs or aliens. There are huge misconceptions, but this hypothesis cannot be ruled out either. This belief is also supported by findings of a Swedish diving team whose recorded footage shows a 985-foot runway leading to the object, something like a staircase. A diver claimed that during his 20-year diving career, he had never seen something like it and described it as a missing experience.

Further Researching Exploration: Baltic Sea Mystery

After this strangest thing was unearthed for the first time and primary results to find out more about the ufo-shaped object were unsatisfactory, further research explorations were carried out. The original group of sub-water explorers and various other international scientists undertook a series of research operations to learn more about the true origins of the ufo-like object lying at the bottom of the Baltic sea.

ufo baltic sea

The following summations can be derived about the Baltic Sea Mystery Object from the researching exploratory operations:

  • Researchers conclude the possibility of erstwhile thriving geography that was submerged under the deluge of water and undisturbed till the explorers found out about it.
  • Another conclusion was drawn about a German ballistic object landing in the depths of the Baltic Sea during the peak of the Second World War. This rationale has gained more credibility, with many scientists, researchers, and war experts supporting and advocating this paradigm.
ufo baltic mystery

The Baltic Sea Mystery, despite additional research carried out, remains a puzzle. However, given the significance of the water body in context, the novelty of the concept of UFO Baltic Sea becomes an essential factor providing invaluable attention to the subject of the Baltic Sea Mystery, thus negating sceptical comments about its actual existence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How was the Baltic sea anomaly discovered?

The unidentified object was found by Ocean X team members Peter Lindberg and Dennis Aberg while they went treasure hunting in the northern Baltic sea region. However, they returned with an unclear sonar image of this object lying on the Baltic seafloor in June 2011.

2. Where was the object found?

The strange object was found lying in the freezing waters of the Baltic sea, in the region between Sweden and Finland. It has a vast circular top and a staircase or runway, which might be skid marks.

3. What does the unidentified entity look like?

The circular object has a diameter of 60 m and a 400 m long tail, along with a similar disc-shaped object lying 200 m away from it. Until now, researchers have not been able to identify precisely what it is; hence, it remains an enigma to the world.

4. Why can the researchers not identify or study the mysterious Baltic sea object?

One of the main reasons is that all electronic equipment stops functioning within 200 metres radius of the object. Hence experts are puzzled about how to conduct comparative investigations on the same. However, according to first-hand accounts, it is made of black stone, not metal and has construction lines and cracks filled with a black material.

5. What are the hypotheses around this object?

Although experts argue that it might be a natural formation, some also believe it to be an underwater Stonehenge, a volcano, asteroid, meteorite etc. Laypeople believe it to be a portal to the other world, an example of extra-terrestrial contact or the proof of aliens. However, no theories can be held true unless concrete evidence can be found. Till then, it will remain a mystery.

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  1. If it is metal the only thing it can be is a UFO. The person who designed the millennial falcon may have had a clairvoyant vision of the object. This the design.

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    FFS Think….the war ship.
    People don’t want truth…they want comfort. Truth far too often takes us off our comfortable couch and puts us in motion. If it does turn out to be an “extra terrestrial object our comfortable(but ultra stupid egocetric) belief we are the only “intelligent life form in the universe” goes out the door” and we have to take our heads out of our collective anus.

    FFS Think….Noah was a conspiracy theorist🤨🤨🤨.

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