10 Best Maritime Museums in the World

Maritime Museums play a very vital role in the restitution and presentation of noteworthy marine artefacts alongside the recounting of remarkable marine events. Across the world there have been established several excellent marine repositories though only a few choices have managed to bag the acclaim of being the best maritime museums.

The choicest of 10 such best maritime museums are listed below. Each is unique and provides a versatility justifying its construction and its significance to the maritime world.

1. National Maritime Museum: Also synonymously called as the Greenwich Maritime Museum on account of its geographic positioning, the National Maritime Museum leads the list with its finest collection of marine exhibits.

Though officially opened in the mid-1930s, the museum’s conception began way back in the previous century and includes the Royal Observation Tower (Observatory) and also the Queen’s House built during the 1600s.

2. Sydney Maritime Museum: In operation for over two decades, the Sydney Maritime Museum or the Australian National Maritime Museum has been an integral repository presence for the Australian marine domain.

Its collection of artefacts presents the rich, singular and myriad Australian offering to the hugely global marine world.

3. San Diego Maritime Museum: The San Diego Maritime Museum is a haven of exploration for marine enthusiasts. From a vast reading depository to excursions aboard the museum vessel, the museum offers it all and then some more.

In addition to this, throughout the course of the year, the museum conducts programs – both educational and recreational – for the benefit of the maritime enthusiasts.

4. Liverpool Maritime Museum:

The Liverpool Maritime Museum was specifically constructed to highlight the influence of the North-western English city in the overall English and British maritime scenario.

5. Vancouver Maritime Museum: Built as a commemoration to the city’s centenary, the Vancouver Maritime Museum boasts of various relevant and important Canadian maritime artifacts.

In its almost six decades of operation, the museum has played an important role to provide full satiation to the marine enthusiasts’ desire to explore more about the domain.

6. Michigan Maritime Museum: Featuring sixth in the list of top 10 maritime museums, the Michigan Maritime Museum documents and presents artefacts describing the rich heritage of the United States’ Great Lakes. A totally unique marine museum, the Michigan Maritime Museum is an important marine repository in the whole of United States.

7. Maine Maritime Museum: Built as early as the mid-19th century, the Maine Maritime Museum is a treasure-house of important nautical history of the city of Maine.

It’s most recent showcasing about the US civil war of 1812 recounts the factual incidents that affected and shaped the city and its coast.

8. Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum: The Voyager New Zealand Maritime Museum is eight in the list of 10 best maritime museums. The museum houses various important artefacts detailing the contribution of the nation located Down Under as an integral part of the world marine panorama.

9. Kobe Maritime Museum: The Kobe Maritime Museum is named after the Port of Kobe, one of Japan’s most important ports. The museum was built in remembrance of the Port’s 120th year of construction and operation.

The Kobe Maritime Museum provides a unique integration of vital Japanese marine history and the influences of contemporary technology to the same.

10. The Netherlands National Maritime Museum: Located in Amsterdam, the National Maritime Museum of Netherlands is a cornucopia of marine chronicling detailing significant aspects of the nation’s civilian and naval marine domains.

The museum forms a vital facet of the nation’s global maritime presence.

Maritime Museums aren’t exactly easy to describe. The collection housed within each maritime museum is different and unique which presents different slivers of information to the patrons. The enhancement of marine museum’s significance thus perhaps stems from this singularity that they provide to the communities.

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  1. It was so fun to see all of these maritime museums–thanks for the information and for including us!

  2. Perhaps the last sentence for item number 7, the Maine Maritime Museum, could be re-written: “It’s most recent showcasing about the US civil war of 1812 recounts the factual incidents that affected and shaped the city and its coast.”

    The apostrophe can be removed from the possessive “It’s”. Andm more important, I am quite unaware of the “US civil war of 1812”. (Most US residents associate the Civil War with the 1861-1865 conflict. There were previously battles between loyalists and rebels in the American War of Independence against Great Britain; however, by the time of the war of 1812, die-hard loyalists had pretty much departed the United States for Canada or elsewhere.) Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the list! I am most interested to identify the best maritime museum with interactive exhibits, like our Philippine Science Centrum (pls google) as I hope I can help build one or more exhibit sets that we can bring around the Philippines to create awareness of our maritime resources, challenges, opportunities, threats, etc.

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