Marine Insight’s New FREE eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Safety Signs on Ships

Marine Insight is proud to present the new FREE eBook – The Ultimate Guide to Safety Signs on Ships.

Safety signs and symbols play an important role in ensuring the overall safety and security of the ship and its crew.


It is imperative for all maritime professionals to understand and remember these safety signs, which are posted at various parts of the ship to indicate a working hazard or to provide directions. safety signs

On several occasions it has been found that seafarers are not able to recognize many of these safety signs. This is not only dangerous, but has also led to life threatening accidents in the past.

In order to make sure that seafarers remember each of these important safety signs, Marine Insight has taken a special initiative of compiling and presenting all the important signs and symbols which are extensively used on ships.

You can download the FREE eBook and keep it with you for quick reference.

You can even take a print-out and make it your pocket guide.

No matter how you use this ebook, it is important that you learn, understand, and remember all the safety signs mentioned herein for your personal safety on ships.

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