Playing Cricket on board Very Large Crude Carrier (VLCC) Ship

There are very few options available when it comes to playing games on board ships. However, those who are passionate about a game find some or the other way to make sure that they can follow their passion.

One such goal was fulfilled by the crew of VLCC, on which, Dr. Kavita had accompanied her Chief Officer husband. She shares with Marine Insight an unforgettable moment or rather a deep passion for cricket being fulfilled on VLCC.

We share with you exclusive pictures of the cricket match that was played on the ship

playing cricket on VLCC

The initiative to play cricket match on the ship’ deck was taken by her Chief Officer husband.

Cricket is something one can neither associate nor dissociate with, because it is a game of utmost team spirit. In India, it is a religion.  However playing the same game on a ship’s deck is one unique experience.

playing cricket on VLCC playing cricket on VLCC

Now coming to the unique match, the ground it was being played on was neither oval nor green. The two teams were (You guessed it right!) – The master’s team and chief engineer’s team. The game which was first organized to have some Sunday fun turned out as a great catalyst for enhancing the crew’s team spirit.

playing cricket on VLCC playing cricket on VLCC

At the end the main aim of the match – the passion for cricket was genuinely fulfilled

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  1. Used to do this 40years ago on tankers. Officers against the crew for a case of beer. Monkeys fist for a ball, if you hit it over the side it was 6runs and you were out and had to make another monkeys fist.

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