A Woman Chief Engineer from Brazil Describes Her Interesting Life

Juliana works as a chief engineer on an oil tanker. Mother to a 13 year old girl, Juliana lives with her family in Vitoria, Brazil. She is one of the very few women chief engineer and enjoys every moment of her professional life. Juliana wants to motivate girls around the world to come forward and explore the numerous opportunities that Marine Industry provides.

Men have been dominating the Maritime Industry for quite some time now. Life on ship is no bed of roses and no one knows it better than a mariner. Climbing up the hierarchy level on ship is no child play. It’s requires guts along with steady mental and physical strength. Being a Chief Engineer of a ship is a big deal; being a Female Chief Engineer is even a bigger one!

Marine Insight brings to you the story of a Female Chief Engineer from Brazil. The Few, the Proud!

Juliana is a 28 year old Female Chief Engineer, who works in an oil tanker in Brazil. She is one of the handful female chief engineers in the Country. The environment of an oil tanker is a tough one to work in and Juliana is one of the toughest chief engineers the company has. Her ship supplies fuel to other ships coming to the port and her job requires her to be on toes all the time.

woman cheif engineer

Unlike most chief engineers, who avoid getting dirt on their hands, Juliana loves to put her hands in grease. She changes oil, filters of marine engines and attends all routine performance and maintenance needs. According to Juliana, her job is not something that other women cannot do. Though the work on ship requires considerable amount of physical strength, a trained women officer can easily handle it. When asked the same question to Juliana, she said, “I think many things should be done not with force but with intelligence. Many men think that women do not have the capacity, but it is up to the women to prove these men wrong. And it is very much possible if there is enough dedication”.

Juliana wants women to explore several great opportunities that the shipping industry provides. She has been sailing as a chief engineer for last 2 years and she loves every bit of her job. She has sailed for as long as 45 days continuously from Brazil to China and she is very happy with the career choice she has made. To live this interesting live, she gets full support from her family. Her work involves constant traveling to new places, during which, she has made many new friends and visited several interesting places. Just like other mariners, she also has had her share of experiences. She often feels homesick, goes through professional politics, and misses her loved ones. But at the end of the day, she loves the satisfaction she gets of doing something adventurous and unique.

Juliana lives in Vitoria, Brazil with her family. Today, she is a mother to a beautiful 13 year old girl and balances her professional and personal life extremely well; of course with a little help from her family. According to her, a woman in the maritime industry lives several lives simultaneously. She has to play the role of a mother, a wife, a girlfriend, a boss, and finally a warrior! Something not everyone can do!

Using the platform of Marine Insight, Juliana wants to inform all the women out there in the world that they have immense potential to seek a respectable position in the maritime field. She feels that it is important for women to believe in themselves and look for unique career opportunities in the marine industry.

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About Author

Marine Insight News Network is a premier source for up-to-date, comprehensive, and insightful coverage of the maritime industry. Dedicated to offering the latest news, trends, and analyses in shipping, marine technology, regulations, and global maritime affairs, Marine Insight News Network prides itself on delivering accurate, engaging, and relevant information.

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  1. I’m very proud u madam……….

    I’m doing BE MARINE ENGINEERING (final year)

  2. As a new born seafarer ,it was out of my conception-about a female chief engineer though I was thinking about this. In our society in Bangladesh it is out of imagination-so I can show u as an example,great boss-take my salute

  3. Ei xará!!!!

    Meus parabéns!!!!..também fico muito orgulhos de ver que uma mulher faz o que os “machoes” fazem..ser deixar de ser mulher, feminina e mãe!!!

    Também sou maritima e trabalho em NS, de perfuraçao…sou radio operadora.

    Moro em cachoeiro de Itapemirim, mas tb tenho um “porto’ em Vila Velha.

    Gostaria muito de conhece-la pessoalmente um dia desses, se quiser adicionar-me julianna_rossi@hotmail.com.

    Aguardo seu contato!!!!


  4. … i really want to be like you someday ma’am, i salute you 4 being so brave… Godspeed!

  5. …women this generation were really extraordinary and your one of them ma’am, I salute you! and I want to be like you someday.. you are an inspiration to us female marine engineering students here in NIPSC..

  6. your right and this story gives me more determination to be a chief engineer someday i know i can do it im a fourth engineer now… godbless

  7. HATSSSS OFFFF!!!! to u madam…i cant comment much bcoz i m not worth commenting you.if every women thinks like you then world will progress like anything

  8. That’s impressive. But is it possible to become mother of a 13 year old at the age of 28?

  9. We would not like to comment on someone’s personal life. The mentioned person is very much present on all social networking sites. If you are interested, you can ask the person directly.

    Thank you!

  10. Its great that women are comming forward to be seafares.Ms.Juliana must be congratuated and honoured for making all women proud of her.However I am sure she must be missing her child as a mother.Best wishes to her and her family.


  12. I am starting a Marine Engineering program!! Thank you – You are motivating me!!! Mel – Canada (Québec)

  13. wow——–!!you make me speechless..:-) hope to be like you in the future…:-)im also studying this course, and praying to be successful like you are..:-)

  14. Ma’am am v proud of you a really wanna be a marine engineer but the probe is that a hav no sponsor a dont knw if by any chance you can organise a sponsor for me am all the way from kenya.KINDLY ASKING FOR ASSISTANCE THANK YOU.

  15. Want to be a marine engineer too but facing too many problems recently. Just lost my father too.I need support but i wont give up my dream to become a successful and fufilled marine engineer just like You.And i hope that comes soon

  16. I am a maritime engineer from Libya. My dream was to become cheff engineer but in Libya Akaddafy can not achieve your dreams and I found myself Authority employees, the Libyan navy. Greetings to this woman the courage to storm for this area which was reserved for men

  17. being a girl many people say joining merchant navy is not our job but i really wish to be a deck cadet can i get help form u

  18. I’m studying marine engineering this coming June. I don’t know how many females I’m going to see in the class but this interview really helps me to make the ultimate decision to become a marine engineering. Among my friends and family, no one knows about this job they just assume it is a job only reserved for male but being the oddball as always I go for it. Thank you maam.

    Cheers May from Malaysia

  19. I am really proud of you Julian being a chief engineer is worth it, keep up good work and be blessed.

  20. i would like to be a qualified marine deck officer too. keep up excellent work, Julian i am happy for you

  21. Believe as deck officers females can be a good officers, as it is generally female`s job. But woman as ch.eng. Ill never believe. This lady could be good in administration jobs, but not as engineer.

  22. Ch.eng., I must disagree with you, personally know women with more technical knowledge than some of the engineers working with, by technological improvements brutal force is not anymore part of our job.
    Greetings to all females engineer!

  23. So she become CE at age 26, it says also that she supplies other ships with fuel, So it looks like its not a tanker it’s bunker barge, and that makes a big diference

  24. Ch. Eng. Believe it or not, the type of genitals a person has has no bearing on their ability to do a job. It’s time you pull your head back out of your rectum and into the sunshine.

  25. Hope so this is awesome motivation to all those future mariners especially for girl’s

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