Introducing 2 New Essential Practical Guides for Cargo Operations on Tankers

Are you working on tanker ships or looking forward to a successful career on them?

Do you want to not only learn but also understand and remember all types of cargo operations that are carried out on tankers?


Do you want to learn about important  equipment and procedures required to handle cargo on tankers in an easy and practical way?

If your answer for all the about questions is “YES”, then read on…

Marine Insight is proud to announce the launch of two new eBooks on Cargo Operations for tanker ships.

Written by experienced chief officer with several years of experience of oil and product tankers, the two eBooks – “The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation Equipment for Tankers” and “The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers” are power-packed with procedures, guidelines, and helpful tips to handle cargo on tanker ships.

 1. The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation Equipment for Tankers 

This eBook explains important cargo operation equipment and systems that are provided on tankers for managing cargo on ships and at ports. Working as a deck officer or crew on tankers, one has to learn, understand, and remember starting and stopping procedures of several equipment and systems. Sometimes while attending to several tasks simultaneously, ship personnel might forget an important step, posing risk to the safety of the ship and its crew members.

In order to avoid such mistakes and to ensure that cargo handling is done in a smooth and efficient manner, the officer involved with cargo operations must not miss or skip any important step. The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operation Equipment for Tankers features important guidelines and steps to handle each machinery involved with cargo operations on tankers.

The eBook also features expert’s tips, trick of the trade, and real life incidences which helps a great deal in understanding the importance of a particular equipment/system.

The guide includes 25 chapters mentioned below:

  1. Fixed Gas Detection System
  2. Portable Gas Detectors
  3. Personal Gas Detectors
  4. Multi-Gas Detectors or Dreager Tubes
  5. Cargo Piping Systems
  6. Hydraulic Valve Arrangement
  7. Cargo/Ballast Oil Pumps
  8. Stripper Pumps
  9. Emergency Stops
  10. Cargo Eductors
  11. Lodicator or Loading Computer
  12. Tank Level Gauging Systems – Radar and Float
  13. Draft and Ballast Tank Gauging System
  14. Ullage/Temperature Interface Measuring Devices
  15. High Level and Overfill Alarms
  16. Cargo Heating Arrangement
  17. Tank Cleaning Machines/ Crude Oil Washing Machines
  18. Inert Gas System
  19. Deck Seal
  20. Pressure/Vacuum Breaker
  21. Pressure/Vacuum Valves
  22. Mast Riders
  23. Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control Equipment
  24. Auto Unloading System
  25. Vapor Return Line

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2. The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers

Cargo handling on tankers is a complicated task, which involves several important operations that are to be managed by deck officers. With the kind of cargo tankers carry, there is always a risk involved while carrying out any type of cargo operation at sea or at port. Missing even a single step can lead to dire consequences, risking both the ship and the lives of crew members. Needless to say, working as a deck officer on board tankers, one needs to be extremely agile and knowledgeable.

The Ultimate Guide to Cargo Operations for Tankers has been written with the sole purpose of helping deck officers and crew members to increase the level of safety and efficiency while handling cargo operations.

The eBook is loaded with helpful tips, real life incidences, and expert’s advice contributed by experienced deck officers having several years of experience sailing with oil and chemical tankers.

In this eBook, you will learn about the following operations:

  1. Port Arrival Preparation
  2. Ship/Shore Safety Meeting
  3. Cargo Loading Procedure
  4. Cargo Unloading Procedure
  5. Stripping
  6. Ballasting & Deballasting
  7. Inerting
  8. Purging
  9. Gas Freeing
  10. Crude Oil Washing
  11. Tank Cleaning
  12. Pressure Testing of Cargo and Ballast Lines
  13. Brake Testing of Mooring Winches
  14. Emergency Inerting

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