Marine Solar Cells: New Technology Uses Both Solar and Wave Energy

Innovated by London-based industrial design professional Phil Pauley, marine solar cells – abbreviated as MSC – can be used to generate effective solar and wave energy.

The solar cells are just a concept at present, but promise to provide a much needed solution for the energy crises that could intensify in the coming years.

Marine Solar Cells

The most important distinguishing aspect about the marine solar cells is that they are capable of generating solar as well as wave energy, as mentioned earlier.This two-fold energy trapping is achieved as such: the constant buoying of the waves enable the cells to trap considerable amount of wave energy.

At the same time the photovoltaic panels in the cells enable the effective trapping of the sunlight that hits the surface of the water with 20 times more viability that the conventional solar energy generators offer.

Considering that the present-day renewable energy generators just function as a singular solar or wave energy generators, the marine solar cells’ potential utility increases quite significantly. Furthermore, the marine solar cells would not require heavy investments either for setting them up or for their resultant maintenance.

This is because these cells would be set up in clusters of hundreds in the high seas, as opposed to the contemporary equipments trying to tap into the renewable energy reservoirs as single units.

Marine Solar Cells

According to the innovator, this would result in more marine area being covered and in-turn a much higher rate of energy being generated. Along with this benefit, Phil Pauley also talks about extensive employment generation through the installation of the marine solar cells in the high seas and the feasibility and flexibility in terms of the materials used to build the marine solar cells.

The marine solar cells are riding on an enormous amount of prognostication both by its inventor and by the experts in its field of application. It can be hoped that the predictions surrounding the gadget materialise and that generation of renewable energy reaches to a new level unlike any before.

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