Why is the Yellow Sea “Yellow” and the Dead Sea “Dead”?

Located between Mainland China and the Korean peninsula, the marginal sea of the Pacific Ocean, which is the northern part of East China Sea, is called the Yellow Sea. The area of the China Yellow Sea is 960 km from north to south and some 700 km from east to west. The depth is just 44 meters and increases as it moves towards the south. The bed of the river is rich with sand and silt that the Bohai River brings along.

The climate around the area is generally dry and cold and witnesses strong monsoon from November to March. The summers on the other hand are wet and warm and the temperature in the area ranges between 10-28 degree Celsius. The winters are too cold and often navigation in the northern part is hindered due to the ice sheets that cover the surface of the water.

Why Yellow Sea is called “Yellow”?

Yellow Sea is one of the four rivers whose names have been derived from colour terms. The name of Yellow Sea comes from the golden yellow colour that it gets from the sand particles and storms from the Gobi desert.  Besides, the Bohai Sea and Hai He River adds to the colour of the Yellow sea by bringing in deposits of sand and silt.

The China yellow sea area is also rich in flora and fauna and data revealed suggest that the area is one of the most important areas for the migratory birds.

What is the Dead Sea?

Talking about Dead Sea, located bordering Jordan, Israel and West Bank, its surface is 423 meters below the sea level. Being the most saline water body in the world, with almost 33.7% salinity, the Dead Sea is also called the Salt Sea. The sea is 8.6% saltier than compared to oceans. The area is the lowest elevation in the earth and lies in the Jordan Rift Valley. The Sea’s main tributary is the Jordan River.

dead sea

With less rainfall, the area remains dry and sunny throughout the year. The area has weak UVA radiation and the content of oxygen in the atmosphere is more due to the barometric pressure. There is a distinct feature of the Dead Sea that it helps in various healing process. The mineral rich water is used for a lot of purposes.

Why is Dead Sea Called “Dead”?

Ever wondered why the Dead Sea is called ‘dead’? Well, the reason cited if the lack of aquatic life in the area. About Dead Sea, it is said that the salinity of the water does not allow any aquatic life to flourish and grow. As a result, the deadness is well justified in the name.

dead sea

The sea temporarily comes to life during the winter rains as the salt content of water reduces from its general 33.7% to less than 30%. There are various animals found in the nearby hilly regions. Even the population is low and several small communities surrounding the area are present.

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Image Credits: flickr, soyouwanna, gsi

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  1. About 6 or seven years ago in the Dead Sea they located a ship wreck that was thousands of years old. Because no living organisims in the Dead Sea the ship was prefectly perserved the R.O.V went down to take pictures and the ship was covered in silth. But they flimed the mast and you could still see the tool markings from the ax of the ship builder. I beleive it was on the Discovery channel. I was absoulutily mesmerized! Too see original tool markings on a mast that was thousands of years old! Correct me if I am wrong but I understand you can’t dive in this ocean because its toxic? I dont know if they have anyway to bring up this small ship. But I would imagine the bottom of the Dead Sea is littered with ship wrecks in prime condition.

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