What are Cruise Credit Cards and How to Get One?

Cruise ship credit cards are a unique feature offered by cruise ships to their passengers. For most people, this is just one of the many things that they do on a cruise ship but if you are a little more cautious, these credit cards can turn into huge amounts equivalent to a lot.

So what cruise ship credit cards are exactly?

Credit cards for cruise ships are the bonus points you get for every transaction you make with your credit card while on a cruise or prior to a cruise but related to that particular trip. For every transaction, a certain sum is given as a reward which keeps on accumulating.

Once you have earned enough ‘points’, you can make any choice to use them whatever way you want. These credit cards for cruise ships can actually be turned into a way to gain a lot more out of your cruise trip.

How to get a cruise credit card?

Getting a cruise credit card is simple enough. All you need is a credit card, a desire to save more money on your trip and the application form. Presently most of such forms are available online or you can even request for them over the phone. To apply for a credit card cruise, you can simply go to the website of the cruise line you are traveling with and fill out a form for credit card cruise.

Such forms require you to fill in your details like your account number, last/first name, zip code etc. by doing this, you sign up with that particular cruise ship to allow yourself to redeem your credit points accumulated in past of the ones you will gain in near future.

What do I do with my cruise credit card?

Everything! Credit cards for cruise ships are like any simple credit cards that you can use for everything from making payments for your shopping to receiving an onboard upgrade. The modus operandi here is that when on a cruise travel or making payments for one, for every unit of money spent you get certain points. These points are accumulated and later used to evaluate your credit on cruise.

The rate of these credit points vary from cruise to cruise along with the things that you can do with those points. For example with companies like cruise plus, you can expect to make 2,500 points for every $25 spent while others like Carnival cruise card and Norwegian cruise card offer you a minimum for 1000 points for every triple play chips and up to 100,000 points for $1000 onboard cruise credit.

What do I get with these cruise credit card points?

Once you have accumulated enough points, you can choose to redeem these points. The points remain valid for up to five years in certain cases so that you can use them whenever you want. For that, of course you must continue to be a credit card cruise holder in good standing with the company.


These credit points offer you benefits like waiver of annual fee, onboard up gradation, access to great cruise deals and offers, cruise ship goodies, free cruise services like spa visit etc. with some companies like Carnival cruise card, you can expect to find anything from a free of fare trip for 3rd person traveling with you to an entire free trip or maybe more onboard credit points for you cash on later.

So what are you thinking of! Get online and contact your cruise line to make the most of your travel time and credit.

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