Who is a Wiper on Ships?

If you have been looking for a job of a wiper on ships, then the good news would be that we can offer you a lot of useful information. As a maritime job, a wiper’s job can be a fairly good option for those looking for good onboard training, experience of working conditions on vessels and exposure to marine life.

But before you can know that for certain, here is information that would come really handy.

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Who is a wiper?

A wiper on ships is mainly responsible for maintenance of the vessel. A wiper’s job on ships includes:

  • Cleaning of the engine room
  • Maintenance of the working area
  • General maintenance of the engine department
  • Assisting other personnel on the ship in various tasks
  • Work as a part of the watch team
  • Work with ordinary seamen aboard and assist them in various tasks
  • To fill in for Qualified Members of Engine Department (QMED) when need be

A wiper’s responsibilities revolve around keeping the engine room and rest of the vessel well maintained. This is no easy task though.But if a marine career is what you are interested in, wiper marine job would be the best way to get a firsthand experience of life on ships.

Unlike most jobs on ships, a wiper gets to learn a lot more. A person’s time as a wiper on a ship can be regarded as the time of apprenticeship for preparing for a maritime job later in the future.

How to become a wiper on ship?

Since a wiper’s job is basically the beginning point of a marine career, good news is that qualification requirement for this position isn’t too much. All you need is a Merchant Mariners Document through coast guard or a USCG certificate as a wiper (Equivalent certificate for people in other countries).

The MMD is a basic requirement to qualify you as a certified person (QMED) to handle jobs on deck, including handling some marine equipment and acquainting you with basic terms and definitions of marine world. You must obtain your TWIC before you can get your MMD. A medical test including background test, drug test and physical fitnesstest would be needed to complete your application.

The best way for it would be to join in Wiper Advancement Program (WAP). This extended program helps wipers in their endorsement along with providing them with various level trainings the trainings include on board handling of equipment, working in engine rooms and an on job work experience.

Most employers do not seek extensive work experience in this field. However, having worked in similar departments before will augment your chances of securing a job. Besides these basic qualifications to become wiper on ships all you need is a love for sea and enthusiasm to learn.

To obtain a maritime job of wiper, the best way would be to get information from various jobsites. Studies have revealed that maximum vacancies for a wiper’s job are found through jobsites as opposed to directly though employers. Employers prefer to contact such sites too, for obtaining a pool of potential candidates. You can view and find out details about any vacancy you deem suitable. You must check for specific requirements of the employer before considering the application.

What is the expected salary for a wiper marine job?

As a wiper on ships, a person can expect a salary up to $175 to $320 per day (However, it depends on the country to which the concerned person belongs). Some employers may offer salary up to $19,000 to $23,000 per year salary too. However, salary for this post is highly subjected to the job requirements, vessel type, region and the employer. With experience, a person can expect to get higher rank, more responsibilities and better pay.

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  1. Wiper is in the engine room, emergency engine room out, plus the inert gas plant on the rearside outside;plus an experienced Oiler is the senior crew again in the engine room in duty with the Engine officer in-duty
    engine fitter is generally in the engine=as per 2nd engineer or chief engineer

  2. i finished contract as a engine cadet.and i have a complete documents base on STCW,and i have valid US VISA R C1/D which expire on May 2017.
    my first vessel was a bulk carrier,39,643 GRT.world wide trading area.July 18 2013 is the day i disembarked.
    tkanks a lot,hope you will gave me shipping company that can accept me as a wiper.

  3. hlo sir
    if i have complete my two years contract on the renk of wiper. after that how i promote my renk in engine department. plz rply i m confuse here about this renking.


  4. John Ryan C. Perez

    Hello sir
    I finish my contact as a engine cadet. Only 8 months 4 days. I have complete documents base on STCW ,and I have valid U.S. Visa R C1D which expire April ,2017, and I have Liberian seaman book. My first vessel was a tanker crude oil, GRT 78,845. Trading area world wide. Last disembarked august 9,2013… Please reply

    Thank you…..

  5. I have started the MM certificate process before I can be called entry level. I will attain my passport soon, and I am waiting for my TWIC in the mail. I took my drug test yesterday, paid the CG fee, and Maritime processing fee.

    What else do I need to be more competitive for a wiper position on a bulk carrier that pays more? Life has kicked me in the nuts, and i’m getting back up, trying to make a change.

  6. Sir am a Nigeria citizen,live in lagos stata,Nigria.pls i study marine engineering assistant(M.E.A) I have my nigeria seaman dischange book.so how do i apply 4 wiper

  7. dear sir i need a job as a wiper,am from Ghana and i have my discharge book and other ducument,please any links or help

  8. Dear Sir

    I have Class VI COC how i can apply for the job of 5th Engineer or Junior Engineer i have
    48 Month(4 year) sea service as Diesel Mechanic on Oil Tankers and General Cargo Vessels, now i have 4th Engineer COC.



  10. l am oiler Mnema Emmanuel from Tanzania I really like to be wiper in big company and working in big ship to gain more experience,if it is possible find me and I will be touched.

  11. Hiii
    Sir gd mrng I have a 17month exprence
    But all small vessel I need to main fleet
    I have watchkeepping also and course 2010 and pscrb course my last sinoff 2016 April
    Plllzzzz sir give me one chances for me

  12. Sir,
    I completed my 12th in 2008.
    Can I enroll in wiper course.
    If I enroll then where can I looking

  13. I have my TWIC,MMC, Medical Certificate & US Passport. How do I obtain a entry level position.

  14. It will depend on the duty assigned to you on the ship. It will be told to you once you join the ship and also displayed in the muster list.

  15. am a Nigerian citizen, I have all my cdc ready but I can’t find a company to apply so that they could employ me please someone should help me out?

  16. sir , can a wiper become a 4th engineer ? and how long it will to eligible for 4th engineer exam

  17. After completing 9 mounth sale in engine wiper ,for skill center course in Kolkata ,any other college in mumbai
    I am in anglo eastern company

  18. I’m fresher in marine filed, just completed gp Jan 2018 batch, interested in engine side, what are the things need to be see, while joining engine side, like for deck side we can see, ships GRT, ships length etc. So for engine side as a trainee wiper, we have to see a Ship’s engine Bhp, etc??? Pls suggest

  19. Good day sir I,m already wiper almost 8 years experience at crued oil tanker my salary only $40 per day how can take this salary $175. To $320 per day where can fined this company thanks.

  20. sir engine rating wiper how to become a engineer on board
    what are process send me details

  21. In some companies they may put a motorman as a wiper,
    according to job law,
    that is an illegal depromotion, considered even professional bullying,

    get a lawyer and **** the company!.they deserve. They should be ashame of themselves.

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