Who is a Shipper?

A shipper is a person who is entrusted with the responsibility of transportation of goods and commodities. In the shipping industry, a shipper’s role is very vital and something that can never be overlooked.

The presence of a shipper makes the job of a ship owner easy as the shipper takes the responsibility of ensuring that the cargo reaches its intended destination without any accident or mishap. The shipper also deals with all documents that are necessary to complete the transportation procedure so that no complications arise during the cargo-sending process. One such necessary documentation is the bill of lading.

Shippers, in addition to transportation of goods are also responsible for the packaging and tagging of the goods and cargo appropriately. Just like one shipper is engaged in packaging and transporting the goods from one place, there is another shipper who is in charge of the receiving of the cargo at the destination.

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If the cargo is not packaged or labeled correctly, then the other shipper will be the one who will have difficulty in understanding the contents of the cargo. This difficulty could pose problems to a shipping company or a ship owner. Therefore packaging and labeling the cargo properly, is a factor that needs to be taken care of very carefully.

Shippers, as mentioned earlier are an integral part of the shipping industry but it also needs to be known that they have been so integral right from the time the shipping industry came into existence. And over the years, with the development that has been taking place in the shipping sector, their role and scope has only increased manifold.

In today’s times there are professional companies that offer shippers’ duties to prospective clients. The establishment of professional shipper companies also makes it relevant for understanding the worth and value of hiring shippers to conduct the business of cargo transportation. If a shipping company or a ship owner hires a professional shippers’ aid then all relevant areas pertaining to cargo transportation would be made easy with the available expert professional help.

Considering the high level of competition in the shipping sector in contemporary times, it is better to hire the services of professional shippers’ as they will know how to plan and execute every single step of cargo transfer and thereby ensure the client’s faith and trust in them.

There is also something known as a Shippers’ Association in the United States which has been established to allow shippers in the country to combine their resources and thereby offer the best services to their clients as per the clients’ demands and requirement. The Shippers’ Association is an organization that works on a not-for-profit basis and has been extremely successful in the United States.

Shippers as agents not only provide services but also reduce a lot of burden of their clients. As a profession, being a shipper is something that might not appear lucrative at a first glance, but is one of the most unique professions. It not only allows business experience to a person but also enables him to learn the importance of parceling, labeling and following all other major details involved in the profession. Thus it can be said that in the days to come, being a shipper could be the latest hit among people who look out for something different as a career choice.

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