INDos Number and its Benefits to Indian Seafarers

INDos number can be considered equivalent of a complete identity for every seafarer in India. It is a computerized national database that includes important information of every certified seafarer in India. This information has been compiled in a single database to make it easily accessible for statutory authorities like Flag State, Port State, employers and Immigration staff etc.

INDos number stands for Indian National Database of Seafarers. A complete INDos number includes a seafarer’s full name, address, photographs, signature, telephone number, qualifications etc. It is made of eight alphanumeric characters and can provide as a means to crosscheck a seafarer’s identity.

What are the benefits of having INDos number?

INDos number is an example of better technology entering the Indian marine industry to make matters simpler and better to handle. The biggest advantage of such marine identification number is that it provides a centralized base for all the information of a seafarer at one place. This means every certified seafarer working in or from India will be provided with such a number, making it easier to access his/her information.

INDos number
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Also, this number allows a quick system for cross reference. Any company or authority can easily run a background check on any seafarer’s claims and qualifications, using this simple number and a single database. Easy to use INDos number checker comes in handy for the cross reference with centralized database.

An INDos number ensures authenticity of a seafarer’s qualification. Possessing this number makes it much easier for a person to find a job in the merchant navy. Marine numbers are issued after strict and close examination which rules out any chance for error. This is exceptionally beneficial for seafarers as this number alone is sufficient to speak for genuineness of their qualifications.

Besides this, having an INDos number eliminates the need for a seafarer to carry his original documents with him all the time, especially when working abroad. This single marine number is a sufficient identity proof for any seafarer to pass as a certified mariner throughout the world.

With a single INDos number, complete identity of a seafarer can be found out. It includes his/her basic information like name, photograph, address and qualifications. Every Indian and foreign national holding a Certificate of Competency given by the Indian government or the Continuous Discharge Certificate or someone who has completed modular courses approved by DG shipping is issued such number before entering into the merchant navy.  This means a better system of record keeping and a better tracking of whereabouts of every seafarer from India. That comes as a remarkable advantage in industry like marine industry where there are no fixed boundaries of work.


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  1. I have one question, i have idos number but my S T C W course certificate are loss,im idont have,how can i get S T C W PAPPER????? THANK YOU.

  2. Dear Joby,

    Please contact the institute where you have been issued your STCW certificates. They can provide you with duplicate ones.

  3. I loss my INDos number plze can you tel that how can I get?and I had 32 months experence as a oiler,how I can become marine engineer?present I am on board.

  4. i have belize cdc
    now i am in seal then after i am what to do
    for my next placement and wachkeeping
    and which process i am take indian cdc pleace sir give any idea

  5. Hiiii
    I have one question that. How we can checked
    Our full profile on indos no. There is any websites. Or there is other things. Pls tell me in detail pls help me.

  6. I have my indos no which i received in Mumbai by submitting basic course certificate and some fee of 500rs,now how can I get my indos certificate which i need to do my eto exam

  7. I have just completed my TOTA at MTI, wish to upgrade my INDOS kindly advise the method to follow. The INDOS number is 01EL1560.

  8. I am Nigerian leaving in noida i will lik to apply for an indos number can u pls tell me stepz to take to get the indos number

  9. I have lost my CDC book, n I don’t hav indos no. So hw can I get my 2peoblems solve, plz help

  10. sir I want correction in my Indos no because in my indos no name is wrong that ‘s way I want correction in my indos no.plz help me and give me any solution thank you

  11. How long i will get my indos no. Becoz my institue head told me my indos no. Is coming with in 3 month so i have a confusion what i need to do , u have any idea i get early my indos no. Bcoz i have a joing with in 2 month.

  12. Confirm with your college. You do not need indos certificate as a document to carry on a ship.

  13. How can I check the indos no my indos no is 14SL3538.can any one help me to check the no.

  14. Hil
    i am Md Ashraf Ansari I have done stcw but i check my indos but my file does not open.

    Thanks & regards

  15. Hi,
    I am Ben working for a cruise industry in the F & B dept. I have the basic 4 course and 10 years of sea time. I want to apply for the INDOS number. Under what category will it be possible.

    Thanks & brgds.

  16. Hi,

    i have done stcw 95 in 2010 & i have INdose no.but while i am applying indian cdc there is no update on master checkers of my stcw courses. tell me, how it will be update on master checkers???

  17. @Mahesh: You need to contact the authority (MMD) to check the issue and submit the documents if needed to update the records.

  18. Hello
    I am looking for the indos certificate and how can I apply I am unable to get it

  19. Indos no. is allotted by LBS College to a person which joins a pre-sea training institute that conducts approved pre-sea training courses.

  20. Sir, I lost my indos certificate. When I tried to get it from dg shipping website it shown database could not find. Now what can I do. Is indos certificate is necessary to carry along with me for sailing? Pls anybody give me a solution.

  21. You will be needing your certificate for exams and other important paper work. Please contact/approach LBS college to check the procedure for getting a duplicate one.

  22. Sir, I am bellow 18 years , how I get indos number and can I join gp rating courses . what fees required for the indos number ??? Plz tell me…

    On agent took 36000 ruppes from me for indos number.!

  23. @Subhadip: You need to do some fresher course to be on ship. Choose an institute which will help you to apply INDOS number and the charges are well below INR 5000.
    Avoid agents.

  24. I have done all my STCW courses out side India, and working for Panamanian Flag Vessel, How can i get Indian CDC and INDOS number with oout doing the STCW course again ?


    Raghul Madhusoodanan

  25. Sir I am forget password Indos number ,so say do again process have can you help me plz sir

  26. Hi sir
    This is jefon fernandes. Sir i lost my indos certificate accedently so what to do now please help me

  27. Please can anyone give me the LBS College INDOS cell mail I’d and phone number.

  28. How can I get my indos certificate when I open the link on of print on e governance site it was coming blank

  29. One of the fraud warn me that they will block my indos..and now iam unable to login sir..showing wrong password..after that I tried to forgot password and I enter my registered email Id.. it’s also showing wrong entry sir..what should I do to recover it..please help me

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