A Career in Marine Environmental Management

Marine environmental management, as the name suggests, refers to the management of the marine ecosystem. Considering that the marine ecology is facing a lot of problems and degradation, the scope, extent and the importance of marine environment studies has gone up tremendously. Educational institutions and universities across the world have started to initiate and offer courses on environmental management.

Through the environmental management course, individuals get a wider idea about the maritime environment.

great barrier reef

Only through proper understanding of the maritime domain one can learn to generate ways and means to ensure that the oceanic ecosystem is preserved from further degeneration.

The environmental management course can be summed up as follows:

  • The course would provide in-depth knowledge about the marine ecosystem and the biodiversity
  • The course would be a stepping stone for individuals to study further or gain employment in  widespread avenues
  • The avenues available for individuals include both in governmental and non-governmental organisations, educational institutes and other researching institutions

Individuals opting to take up marine environment studiescan do so either at a graduation level or at a post-graduation level. However, it needs to be noted that while people with no background in the subject can take it up, even experienced people wanting to explore the subject further can take up this marine ecology management course.

University of York, Australian Maritime College, Queen Mary University of London and Lloyd’s Maritime Academy are some of the world’s best universities that offer the environmental management program. The eligibility criteria for taking up the marine ecology management program are quite uncomplicated:

  • For a graduate environmental marine program, aspirants are required to have an under-graduation certification of honours with at least a Second Class
  • Subjects in the under-graduate program should comprise of mathematics, sciences and English. Foreign students wanting to take up a graduation program need to have a requisite score on IELTS and TOEFL to be eligible for taking up the Bachelors’ environmental management course
  • For eligibility in the post-graduation program, students need to have an honours certification with at least a Second Class. Subjects at the graduation level should comprise of biology, bionomics, geography and even chemistry. Foreign students need to meet the required educational equivalent criteria along with IELTS and TOEFL scores

Through this education program, a wider platform to ensure maritime environment protection has been sought to be created. It can be hoped that in the days and years to come, through this venture, the marine ecosystem does benefit and gain prosperity.

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  1. Hi, I obtained a degree in (B. Tech) maritime management technology at the federal University of technology owerri
    I want to enquire on doing an MSc in this field

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