What is a Skeg Guard?

The term skeg has two meanings. In certain boats, it means an elongation or extension of the keel of the boat from the back of the boat (known as the stern). In other type of boats, the skeg means an external engine of a boat. In all types of ship, skeg is a very important part in a boat.

Skegs are that part of the boat which look for overall operation and piloting of the boat. For this reason, they tend to face a lot of movement in the water. This continuous movement along with the location of the skegs (at the back of the boat) leads to the skegs facing the threat of unwanted damages and accidents.  These damages could be caused due to rocks and stones in the shallow parts of the water. Even sea-grass and weeds could get entangled in the skeg and lead to a lot of problems for the boat owners.

Skeg Guard

The cost of repairs for damages caused to the skegs involves welding and other complicated work which is very expensive. By attaching a skeg protector, a boat owner can ensure that the skegs can be used for a long period of time.

Attaching a skeg protector to skegs is not very difficult. It is a very simple process that can be done by the boat owner or by any member of the crew of the boat. The skeg guard is made of stainless steel which makes the equipment even more reliable.

Boat Outboard Engines
Fig: 1 Boat Outboard Engines

Steel is resistant to water and the skeg guard will not get corroded when the boat comes in contact with salty waters of the sea. The steel used in the skeg protector is made as per the regulations of the required marine authorities. Additionally, the price of a skeg protector is comparatively quite low which makes it even more feasible for interested clients.

Precaution is better than cure is a very famous phrase. In the marine industry, there are many aspects that require protection from threats. There are keel guards to protect keels, hull guards to protect the hull of the boat to give a few examples. A skeg guard also features in this list. In the days to come, the value and worth of a skeg guard will be even more because of the fast-paced development of the boating industry.

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