The Ultimate Green Yacht: Ocean Supremacy

Designed by SCOD – Sauter Carbon Offset Design – one of the world’s best marine designing conglomerate, Ocean Supremacy is expected to be a super-yacht marvel. Right in its planning stages at present, once the idea takes off, the super-yacht promises to be an iconic vessel in its own merit across the world.

Key Features and Specifications

The yacht will have a length of 42 metres, a beam of 16.5 metres and a draft of one metre. However, what makes this yacht special is its speed, without compromising on any aspects on maritime ecosystem safety. The yacht is expected to cruise at maximum speeds touching almost 60 knots while providing a cruising speed of 14 knots.

Ocean Supremacy boasts of state-of-the-art technological incorporations right from its fuel supply sources to the overall amenities it promises to offer to its patrons.

  •  Aluminium or carbon thermosetting resin is expected to be the main architectural building materials
  •  The yacht will be equipped with aerodynamic systems and stream-lined hull designing. This will ensure and raise the bar of the yacht’s efficiency levels
  • Power generation is expected to be provided through five main sources – solar energy, wind energy, bio-fuel, tidal energy and electric generators

These can be summed up as: solar panel boards, a kite to divert and conserve wind energy, battery systems to convert tidal energy, two generators functioning on biodegradable diesel and a couple of motors functioning on electricity. This unique combination of fuel inputs is expected to make the vessel exceedingly environmentally viable. In terms of statistics, the vessel promises a reduction in noxious gases’ emissions by 50%. And since there are multiple fuel sources, even if one fuel source is shut down, the yacht’s functioning will not cease offering better constancy to the patrons.

Ocean Supremacy will cater to 10 patrons and will consist of a crew of eight members. The amenities aboard the yacht will consist of Wi-Fi enabled internet connectivity, opulent cabins, Jacuzzis, swimming pools and even a theatre.

The yacht is aimed at being an uber-luxurious vessel along with optimum fuel mobilisation. This dual feasibility is the most hard-hitting factor in the yacht’s introduction and entry into the maritime domain.

Reference: inhabitat, bornrich

Image Credits: inhabitat

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