The Devil Cat: The Devilishly Fast Wave Piercing Catamaran

Devil Cat is a catamaran built by Incat, a leading shipbuilding firm based in Tasmania, Australia. Classed under the 91 metre fleet designed and built by the company, the vessel was constructed in the year 1997 and till now, has been re-christened several times. It’s currently carrying out passenger ferrying operations for the Australian ferry company – the TT Line Company.

The vessel allows for a higher generation of speed, reaching up to 43 knots while in full capacity and over 50 knots while not under full capacitance.

The Devil Cat Catamaran
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The higher speed generation has been made possible because of the wave thrusting manoeuvring of the vessel while on water.

  • Devil Cat has been built with alloys of aluminium and has a deadweight tonnage of 510 metres
  • The length of the ferry is 91 metres with a beam of 26 metres and has a draught of 3.5 metres. In addition to the Devil Cat, Incat has built three other 91 metre catamarans with similar features
  • The vessel is capable of carrying a maximum of 900 passengers and 240 cars. A combination of buses and cars can also be accommodated within the vessel
  • Devil Cat functions on four diesel powered engines each a power generating capacity of over 7,000 kilowatts each
  • The catamaran comes equipped with state-of-the-art navigating and communicating systems like GPS, radars and VHF radio sets.


Equipped with Marine Dynamic system, a ride moderating gadget, the vessel offers a high rate of stability to its passengers. In order to further enhance this stability factor, T-foils have also been proposed to be equipped on the vessel’s prow in the days to come.


Passengers aboard the Devil Cat get to enjoy the infrastructure of a coffee house and a duty-exempt store. Those passengers with babies and toddlers can also avail the facilities of a special tear-room for babies.

The Devil Cat as a catamaran is incomparable, which forms the most alluring and important reason for people to take a voyage aboard it.



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