The Awe-Inspiring Adastra Superyacht

Designed for Anto Marden, a shipping tycoon based in Hong Kong, the Adastra superyacht is a perfect combination of utility and luxury. A triple-hulled iconic vessel, the superyacht was built by the Chinese based shipbuilding company McConaghy Boats at their yard in Zhuhai.

A product of world renowned ship designer John Shuttleworth, the Adastra is aimed at being lighter and ecologically viable on account of low consumption of fuel.

astrada yacht

The entire process right from its commissioning to its actual launching date took about five years. The vessel was put into operation in 2012 in the River Pearl and operates mainly between two islands in Indonesia under the ownership of the shipping magnate.


  • Technologically well equipped. The Adastra can be operated with the help of an iPad within a range of 50 miles
  • Lesser consumption of fuel without compromising on speed and transition

  • Ecologically viable building constituents like resin epoxy, E-glass, Kevlar and fibre (made of carbon)
  • Excessive utilisation of carbon constituents to facilitate reduction in the weight of the superyacht
  • Facilities and amenities like lounges and bars along with a diving arena for interested patrons


  • With a weight of 52 tonnes, the Adastra measures 42.5 metres lengthwise and 16 metres breadth wise with a draft of slightly over 1.1 metres
  • Maximal speed offered is 22.5 knots, while a speed of 17 metres can be attained at the prescribed range of 4,000 miles
  • Maximal fresh water storage capacity is 2,700 litres, made possible by two water converters with a rate of 800 gallons per hour (GPH)

  • Accommodation provided for nine patrons and a crew of six members
  • Three engines – one main engine with 1,150 Horsepower and two stabilising engines of 110 Horsepower each
  • Three generator sets – two connected to the stabilising engines and one connected to the main engine
  • Three customised anchors supported by fibre (carbon) windlasses and operated through a hydraulic system

Adastra’s customisation and pin-point constructional singularity, add several dimensions to the entire domain of yacht designing and construction. This makes the Adastra a possession worth boasting about.

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Image Credits: luxuo

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