DA Taylor marine engineering Introduction to Marine Engineering – D.A. Taylor

One of the finest and most read books on marine engineering, Introduction to marine engineering by D.A. Taylor provides information on every aspect of the ship’s machinery systems, from propulsion and steering to deck machinery and electrical equipment.

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mc george marine engineering General Engineering Knowledge (Marine Engineering) – H.D McGeorge

General Engineering Knowledge by H.D McGeorge is the perfect text book for those seeking a one-stop resource for marine engineering subjects.

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marine auxiliary machinery mcgeorge

Marine Auxiliary Machinery – H.D McGeorge

This book is the ultimate guide for marine auxiliary machinery and provides comprehensive information on operation, care, and maintenance of ship’s machinery and apparatus.

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lambs marine diesel engine

Lamb’s Question and Answers on Marine Diesel Engines – S. Christensen

Lamb’s Question and Answers on Marine Diesel Engines is a one-stop resource for knowledge on marine engines.

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Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines – Doug Woodyard

Pounder’s Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines is one of the oldest books on marine diesel engines and gas turbines.

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marine electrical equipment and practice

Marine Electrical Equipment and Practice – H.D McGeorge

Marine Electrical Equipment and Practice by H.D McGeorge is an important book for marine engineers who seek to understand ship’s electrical equipment and operating principles.

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marine boiler flanagan Marine Boilers –G.T.H Flanagan 

An extremely comprehensive and important book on marine boilers used on ships, this book on marine boilers provides information on boilers and associated equipment as used at sea.

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reeds basic electrotechnology

Reed’s Basic Electrotechnology – Marine Engineering Series

Reed’s sixth volume of marine engineering series deals with electro-technology and electrical engineering principles of the ship.

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marine electrical knowledge dennis t hall

Practical Marine Electrical Knowledge – Dennis T. Hall

The book provides knowledge of the ship’s electrical system, including the generation plant, switchboards, and distribution network.

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ship-construction Ship Construction – David J. Eyres

Ship construction by David J. Eyres is a comprehensive book on shipbuilding and shipyard practices for marine engineers and naval architects.

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reed's marine engineering series Reed’s Marine Engineering Series, Vol. 8 – General Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers

This eighth volume of Reed’s Marine Engineering Series prepare students for the Department of Transport Certificates of Competency in General Engineering Knowledge. It also covers the syllabus for Engineer Cadet courses in the subject. The syllabus and principles involved are virtually the same for all examinations but questions set in Class Onerequire the most detailed answers.

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reed's marine engineering series 12 Reeds Marine Engineering Series, Vol. 12 – Motor Engineering Knowledge for Marine Engineers

This Book is a companion to Volume 8 in the same series and is a specific examination guide for the syllabuses of Motor Engineering Knowledge for the Second and First Class Marine Engineers’ Motor Certificates and Endorsements. Subjects covered include basic cycles, indicator diagrams, starting and reversing systems, cylinders, pistons, crankshafts and deflections, medium speed diesel engines, governors, control, waste heat systems, and crankcase explosions. Also included are typical exam questions for practice.

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Instrumentation and control Notes on Instrumentation and Control (Marine Engineering Series) – G.J. Roy

This revised text, aimed at candidates taking certification as marine engineers on merchant ships, covers contemporary instruments and systems.

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reed's marine engineering series 10 Reed’s Instrumentation and Control Systems, 4th Edition – Marine Engineering Series

This book aims to bridge the gap between the mathematical treatment often used by specialist control engineers and the (necessarily) narrow descriptive literature of a particular manufacturer. Covers the requirements of DoT and all BTEC and SCOTVEC syllabuses and examinations for Marine Engineer Officers and Cadets. Of relevance to Engineers from other industries too.

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