Razor Wire Canisters: An Anti-Boarding Device (ABD) to Keep Pirates at Safe Distance

Vessel Protection System (VPS) has developed an anti-boarding device (ABD) that uses canisters with razor wires to prevent pirates from boarding or coming near to the ship. This is one of the newest technologies to fight maritime piracy at high seas.

Several canisters are fastened outside of the ship’s rail or bulwark on both port and starboard sides.  Using stainless steel hooks, the canisters are hung at a distance of 15-18 meters apart throughout the periphery of the ship.

When activated, each of the canister jettison 20 meters of razor wires which is swept aft by the speed of the ship to form a barrier, stretching from the main deck to the waterline. The pirates find it difficult to cross these multiple razor sharp wires to reach to the ship. Even if they do reach the ship, the wires alongside the ship, makes it extremely difficult for sea pirates to climb the ship.

Apart from razor wires, the canisters also carry orange smoke flares, and can also hold small tear gas canisters along with them. The canisters can be easily removed from the hooks and stored in bosun’s locker when the ship is in safe waters.

It is said that razor wires have been used in the past to fight sea pirates and have provided good results. However, this system is yet to be tried and tested on ships crossing areas with piracy activities.

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References: vpsystems

Image Credits: vpsystems

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