Main Reasons that Lead to Oil Rig Accidents

As important are oil rigs when it comes to drilling oil from the oceans and the seas, equally important are the aspects about oil rig accidents that occur in these oil drilling areas. Over the past few decades, there have been many oil rig disasters that have taken place and which have not only claimed the lives of people onboard such rigs but have also contributed to a severe loss to the marine eco-system.

There are several important reasons or factors that contribute to such oil rig disasters and which need to be studied in detail so that future oil rig accidents can be averted successfully and important losses can be avoided.

The Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill is the most recent oil rig accident which has occurred and whose ill-effects are still lingering on the oceanic environment and eco-system. Understanding the reasons that led to this oil rig accident would enable one to know what not to do or follow when it comes to oil rigs specifically and then exercise immense caution so as to prevent any accident.

One of the most important reasons responsible for causing oil rig accidents is perhaps overlooking or negligent behaviour by the person whose main responsibility is to oversee the security aspect in an oil rig. Most oil rig disasters are manifestations or ramifications of this reason. In fact negligence can be regarded as the primary reason for causing oil rig accidents and the other reasons can be termed as sub-points of the negligent aspect.

oil spill

Negligence by itself can take many forms. By not using proper safety measures like gas pressurisation valves whenever and wherever necessary can lead to explosions in oil rigs leading to oil rig disasters of a major level and thus cause serious problem to the eco-system.

Another manifestation of the negligent aspect is with respect to maintenance of the oil rigs. Oil rigs need and require regular maintenance because of the nature of their utility. Therefore, if proper maintenance is not done or if the people responsible for the maintenance of the oil rigs are careless in their duty then there could be a huge oil rig accident in the making.

Another important point with respect to negligence is in terms of the oil company being slack in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. More often than not it so happens that even after the maintenance authority gives its report pertaining to the usability of equipments in an oil rig; certain companies do not take immediate measures to stop utilising that particular equipment on that particular oil rig due to financial pressure and the need to exploit more utility from the said equipment. Therefore because of such carelessness to a very important point about safety, many oil rig disasters take place leading to a very severe casualty in the form of human life and marine life-forms.

Negligence also takes another dimension when the entire usability of an oil rig is put under the scanner and the parent company refuses to comply with the safety terms because of need to gain more financially. Most oil rig disasters have occurred under this scope because of the oil companies’ exploitation and self-centredness.

Apart from these points, natural calamities are yet another reason for causing oil rig accidents. Oil rigs are located in the high seas and the deeper parts of the ocean. Therefore, if there is a natural calamity like typhoons, hurricanes, storms and gales which originate in that part of the sea or ocean where an oil rig is located, it can lead to a major catastrophe. And since no one can prevent natural calamities, averting oil rig accidents caused due to natural reasons are very difficult.

But oil rig disasters that can be caused due to the other reasons specified earlier can be very well averted. In today’s times, considering the speed at which the oceanic eco-system and life-forms are degenerating, it becomes everyone’s responsibility and duty to take a stand to protect oil rigs from potential disasters. As much as oil is necessary to run the world, oceans are also necessary to be part of the planet because without the oceans and the creatures inhabiting it, earth will not be what it is and what it should be.

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