An Oil Rig Converted into a Hotel

In a unique example of extreme recycling, an abandoned oil rig has been converted into a hotel to provide for a comfortable accommodation option for sea divers. Currently located in the Celebes Sea, this oil rig has been moved here from Gulf of Mexico, where it was originally placed. Called the Seaventures Dive Resort, it has been designed by Morris Architects.

The oil rig hotel has been aptly located in Pacific Ocean, close to Borneo, Indonesia and the Philippines, at a site that is extremely famous among the deep sea divers and snorkelers. Also, presence of coral reefs just off the coast and few feet below the water surface help in popularity of this hotel. The main aim of this rig turned hotel is to provide deep sea divers a place for comfortable stay in between dives.

oil rig converted into hotel

However, even though the recycling of rig is a novel idea, its popularity could be seriously challenged by problems faced here. Firstly, even though the hotel itself is recycled, it currently runs on oil operated generators. Also, lingering remains of oil especially the smell can still be felt in this hotel.

This 25 rooms’ guest house is far from luxury. The oil smell, a rusty metal locker without hangers for a closet, insufficient reading lights and some minor hitches with services could make experience here turn a little sour. However, being right in the middle of nature and intriguing marine creatures can definitely make up for lack of best services.

hotel bed

Aquatic life remains a highlight of this hotel, along with numerous species that  could include a variety ranging from multicolored to monochromatic, dotted, striped, small, big, huge, long, short and every other type not really imagined before. Another highlight would be the Sipadan Island, a national park that lies close to this hotel and is nothing short of a divers’ paradise.

On the flip side, the journey to this hotel would include a tedious flight to Kuala Lumpur, then to Tawau on the east coast of Malaysian Borneo state of Sabah followed by an hour’s drive and an overnight stop at Semporna, a port city. A boat ride from this city would finally carry you to location of Seaventures Dive Resort for rest of the diving and snorkeling schedule.

The hotel lacks the services of a luxury accommodation and has a long route to it; the experiences and ease for divers can outweigh the cons here. Proposition to make this hotel more eco friendly through solar panels and wind turbines is being taken into consideration.

Image Credits: treehugger ,  tripadvisor , inhabitat

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