Subhodeep Ghosh

Subhodeep Ghosh

Subhodeep is pursuing Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering. Interested about the intricacies of marine structures and goal-based design aspects, he is dedicated towards sharing and propagation of common technical knowledge within this sector which, at this very moment, requires a turnabout to flourish back to its old glory.
Types of Ships

What Are Hybrid Ships?

Hybrid ships are simply vessels designed and constructed to use a combination of alternate means of propulsion mainly from a conventional gas or fuel-powered engine and also, from electrical sources derived from rechargeable means like batteries.

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Types of Shipyards
Naval Architecture

Types of Shipyards Explained

Shipyards occupy large acres of land and are dedicated to constructing, refurbishing and repairing different kinds of marine vessels. Let’s take a look at different types of shipyards in this article.

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suez canal
Maritime Law

Suez Canal Tonnage Rules Explained

Let’s take a look at the system of measuring tonnage on-board vessels prevalent in the Suez Canal. This measurements based on various problems and maximisation of profits to be exacted from the passing freight in one of the busiest traffic routes of the world.

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oxygen in submarine
Know More

How Do Submarines Get Oxygen?

Submarines have their means of producing oxygen continuously to help their crew stay underwater for days at a stretch. Let’s find out how submarines generate oxygen.

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