7 Amazing Facts About The World’s Largest Aircraft Carrier - USS Gerald R Ford

The USS Gerald R Ford is the largest warship ever built, having 337 m length, 78 m width (measured at the flight deck) and 7 m height.

The largest aircraft carrier in the world can carry up to 90 aircrafts and a crew of over 4500 for running the gigantic vessel.

The aircraft carrier, which entered service in 2017, is named after former US President Gerald R Ford, who served in the US Navy during World War II.

Gerald R Ford, like all aircraft carriers, always travels with the defensive cover of a carrier strike group (CSG). The Strike Group comprises a cruiser, at least two frigates or destroyers, and a supply ship.

Gerald R Ford, a Ford-class aircraft carrier, introduced 23 new technologies, including an Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, Advanced Arresting Gear & Advanced Weapons Elevators.

The aircraft carrier cost a whopping $13.3 billion in construction, making it the most expensive aircraft carrier in the world.

Despite its size, the USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier is capable of achieving a top speed of 35 MPH or 56 KPH or just over 30 Knots.