Wreck of Significant WW-II Era Freighter Found In Lake Superior

A shipwreck from WWII was found in over 600 feet of water in Lake Superior, 35 miles north of Keweenaw Peninsula.

The awe-inspiring discovery of Arlington, a 244-foot bulk carrier, was announced on Monday, February 12.

Remote sensing data, Marine Sonic Tech side-scan sonar, and ROV dives helped recognise the wreck.

The Arlington set sail from Port Arthur in Ontario on April 30, 1940, loaded with wheat, headed to Owen Sound in Ontario.

There was heavy fog, and by night, a storm had broken out, and the Arlington started taking on water.

The first mate, Junis Macksey, ordered a course for hugging the Canadian North Shore to offer cover from the waves and wind.

However, Captain Burke countermanded this order and ordered the vessel to take its course across the open lake.

At 4:30 a.m. on May 1, the Arlington started sinking, and Fred Gilbert, the vessel’s chief engineer, sounded the alarm.

All crew except Captain Burke abandoned the vessel, but no one knows why Burke did not make it out.