Saint-Malo, the world's largest hybrid vessel, is set to revolutionize marine transportation with its cutting-edge technology and green initiatives.

The Saint-Malo will be powered by an 11.5 MWh battery system, twice the capacity of typical marine hybrid propulsion systems. This innovative technology will reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly.

Saint Malo will be integrated with multiple systems for real-time energy optimisation during its journeys, enhancing overall efficiency.

According to Wärtsilä, the engine and battery supplier, the hybrid technology of Saint Malo has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 15% compared to traditional diesel propulsion.

Brittany Ferries has partnered with StenaRoRo to construct three hybrid ships equipped with Wärtsilä hybrid technology.

The Saint-Malo is one of two vessels ordered by Brittany Ferries. These hybrids will replace the aging vessels Bretagne and Normandie, marking a step forward in the company's commitment to sustainability.

The Portsmouth International Port, where the Saint-Malo will operate, is equally committed to green initiatives. This port is actively working towards becoming the UK's first zero-emission port by 2050.

The collaboration between Brittany Ferries and Portsmouth International Port demonstrates the importance of working together to achieve sustainability goals.

Brittany Ferries' Saint-Malo represents a significant step towards cleaner and more efficient maritime transportation.

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