World’s Largest Electric Container Ship Begins Service Between Shanghai & Nanjing

The world’s largest electrically powered container ship, the Greenwater 01, has begun regular service between Shanghai and Nanjing.

This revolutionary vessel was designed and built by the renowned China Ocean Shipping Group (Cosco).

The Greenwater 01, powered solely by batteries, ushers in a new age of environmentally responsible operations.

The ship saves 3,900 kg of fuel per 100 nautical miles, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 12.4 tons.

With a primary battery that exceeds 50,000 kw-hours, the ship may carry additional battery boxes for longer excursions.

The ship can finish a journey with 80,000 kw-hours of electricity & 24 battery boxes, while a vessel would consume 15 tonnes of fuel for the same trip.

Greenwater 01 is 120 m long, 24 m wide, and is as huge as 10 basketball courts, with a maximum speed of 19 km/hr.

The vessel’s maiden trip was historic, setting sail with zero emissions, pollution, or noise.

This project is consistent with the shipping industry’s aims to reduce carbon emissions and attain carbon neutrality.