The public inquiries found that the captain of the Titanic had failed to pay proper attention to the iceberg warnings.

1. Dismissal of iceberg warnings

Reports revealed that minutes before the collision, the Titanic was traveling at a speed of 22 knots through the waters of the North Atlantic.

2. High speed of the ship

Despite being constructed using state-of-the-art technology, the ship lacked a double hull and only had a double bottom, which was a cost-saving decision.

3. Problems with the materials used for shipbuilding

In 2010, Louise Patten, the granddaughter of the highest-ranking surviving ship officer, made a claim suggesting that the confusion and wrong turn was taken during the Titanic disaster could have exacerbated the situation.

4. A wrong turn to avoid the iceberg?
5. Lookouts had no binoculars

Could you believe that the Titanic set sail without providing binoculars to its lookouts? Astonishingly, it's true! Due to a mix-up before departing from Southampton, the ship's lookouts were left without the essential tool.

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