1. Dismissal of iceberg warnings

The public inquiries had found the captain of Titanic failed to offer proper attention to the iceberg warnings. 

2. High speed of the ship

Reports revealed that the Titanic, minutes before the collision, was travelling at a speed of 22 knots through the waters of the North Atlantic.

3. Problems with the materials used for shipbuilding

Though the ship was built with the best available technology, it did not have a double hull, but only a double bottom, as a money-saving measure.

4. Less number of lifeboats

The initial public inquiries had concluded that a number of lifeboats abroad on the Titanic were not enough to meet the requirements during accidents. 

5. A wrong turn to avoid the iceberg?

A claim made by Louise Patten, the granddaughter of the most senior ship officer to survive, in 2010 stated that the confusion caused and the wrong turn took may have made the disaster worse.

6. Lookouts had no binoculars

Impossible to think with a ship like Titanic? But it was true. Because of a mix-up before starting the voyage from Southampton, the lookouts of the ship had no binoculars.

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