Grey is the universal colour for combatant and auxiliary surface ships, and it serves a crucial purpose of keeping warships hidden from view.

Grey is a neutral color that blends well with the ocean, making it harder for enemy vessels to spot the ship from a distance.

The grey colour also reduces the contrast of the ships with the horizon and reduces the vertical patterns in the ship's appearance.

Grey is also a low-visibility color, making it difficult for enemy aircraft and submarines to detect the ship visually or with radar.

Even in foggy or cloudy weather, a ship can be even harder to spot if it's painted gray.

Grey is a simple and unobtrusive color that does not draw unnecessary attention to the ship.

This is especially important for military ships, which need to remain stealthy and avoid attracting unwanted attention.

So, the next time you see a grey navy ship, remember that its colour serves a critical purpose.

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