Even a minor shift of cargo in the ro-ro vessel can become a major threat to the stability of the ship.

The Problem of Stability

They operates at a low draft making it very sensitive to heeling moments, which can lead to capsizing.

High Freeboard

The cargo door itself is often used as a ramp which makes the ship more vulnerable to damages.

Cargo Access Door

Lack of bulkhead leads to spreading of fire more quickly as no subdivision is present to contain the fire.

Lack of Bulkhead

The location of lifeboats on ro-ro ships is usually high, which makes it even difficult to lower at tough times.

Location of Life Saving Appliances

Rough weather may result in reduction in the stability and cause heavy rolling of the ship.

Weather Condition

It is an important operation as, any loose cargo can give rise to a chain reaction leading to heavy shift in cargo position.

Cargo Stowage

It is very difficult to have a sequential loading of cargo as cargo arrives on terminals at different intervals.

Cargo Loading
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