SSB radios are part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System established under SOLAS. 

SSB radios offer quick access to over 700 radio channels and have a larger reach than VHF radios.

SSB Marine radios come with chargeable lithium-ion batteries, chargers, external antenna, and an automatic antenna tuner.

The State of California declared that these batteries contain certain cancer-causing chemicals and should be handled cautiously.

SSB radio with marine SSB transceivers is the most helpful tool in emergency situations due to its ability to send distress signals.

SSB radio was first used as a part of the navigational radio system after World War II. 

A specific transmitter must be equipped in the boat to receive and send messages through an SSB radio system.

The appropriate systems to read the messages sent via the SSB radio system correctly are the Beat Frequency Oscillator or the Carrier Insertion Oscillator.

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